Sunday, March 26, 2006

Frenchy Freaks Fried

The French freaks protest a new French law allowing workers to be fired for poor performace in the first two years of employment.
Go figure ! Just because someone doesn't do theri job very well, or they come to work stinking like a .. well.. like a Frenchman, they could be fired!

The idiocy comes in when we look at the complaints the Frenchy Freak Fools make about the new law.
They complain because the law would bring more job uncertainty for the French Youthians.
Right, the only uncertainty they now face, with unemployment runnig between 22%-50% in most areas for the youth, is whether or not they might actually be offered a job. Come to think of it, perhaps that is the problem. Instead of sitting in a French Cafe sucking down espresso, cheap French wine and smokin' those horrible smelling French Cigs, these yuoung neerdowells might actually be offered a job.
ANd then they would actually have to go to work everyday except for the four to six weeks of vacation every Frenchman is entitled to.

Bummer dudes, life must be a barrel of chuckles.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Irans dingbat ayatollah kockamamie is mad about the nuke thingie. Says if iran can't develop it's nukes the entire range of iranian foreign policy objectives would be jeapordized. DUH ya' think?
No nukes means - No Nukin' Israel!
That would definitely put a crimp in the foreign policy objectives of iran who has vowed to wipe Israel off the map.
Personally I think Israel should give iran nukes - perhaps two or three, first one in Tehran 15-20 megastons would be about right, the next two at military targets of value.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Kofi Annan, Dorkmeister

Well, while I will I'd not given the issue any thought, of course the UN has it's own union.
And Kofi Annan is finding out just how tough it is to go against the grain of an entrenched union.

Kofi Annan is finding the unionistas (a little California lingo) are unhappy they will no longer have a sinecure, no longer have tenured status, no longer have a job from which they have to be caught having sex with a sheep on the sidewalk in downtown New York to be repremanded, or even (shock and dismay) be asked to take two days off (with pay of course). These uninonistas could actually for the perhaps the first time in their lives find themselves out of a job!

Kofi Annan undoubtedly is facing an uphill struggle, perhaps we should feel sorry for the little dork.... nah! I don't think so.
If Kofi Annan is looking for a real fight, let him take on the National Teachers Socialist Club and Indoctrination League.

Kofi Annan is in the most difficult fight of his miserable, wormlike, crud crawling, Socialist Advancement carrer.
I wish him all the luck he deserves - none at all.

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