Sunday, June 11, 2006

An Impolite Society

There is actually much to be said for an Impolite Society.
I walk through town listening to people trying to hide their feelings and hiding behind a mask of a smile.
"No, of course not, You go first. you were only fifteen feet behind me when I got to the checkout stand - and you only have a few dozen items in your basket anyway"

What would happen though if we all said what we think?
Would God the Father suddenly strike us down? Would Hulk Hogan jump over the counter and put a choke hold on us? Nope don't think so.

Granted it was only Christ who carried the mantle of sinlessness. He never had to say He was sorry, apologize for an inconsiderate remark, or ''clarify a postion''
Christ did on the other hand ALWAYS say what he believed, felt and knew to be right. He managed to chase the moneylenders out of the temple calling them every name they deserved and rebuking them for their crass behavior and didn't have to feel bad about afterwards.
And with Christ as the model for us, where is the benefit in condoning boorish behavior?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Revolution? May Be Time !

It may be getting close to the time when the only solution left to the Conservative Ideoligists is a revolution. Whether peaceful or there becomes a need for something less than peaceful, is still up in the air.

A peaceful revolution would be preferred of course, (less disruptive to the stock markets and business in general.)

But the RepubliCrats are no longer listening to the Conservative base who placed them into power. I'd rather deal with an honestly Liberal Demublican than the RepubliCrats.
At least we can look at a Demublican and know what they're going to do! It will be wrong but thats OK. We can deal with wrong, by demonstrating, writing angry letters, and impeachment.
The entire Senate and House leadership needs to go the way of the dinosaur, extinct.
and the sooner the better

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