Sunday, October 22, 2006

French Fried Fools

The French are now reaping the whirlwind of the invasion by immigrants they allowed.
According to a report from AP writer JAMEY KEATEN - article link
........"First, it was a rock here or there. Then it was rocks by the dozen. Now, they're leading operations of an almost military sort to trap us," said Loic Lecouplier, a police union official in the Seine-Saint-Denis region north of Paris. "These are acts of war."....

So apparently even the French have an issue with non-assimilation of immigrant IslamoFascist Youthian Gangs - Cooooolll.
It is going to prove helpful I think to have the EU through the French begin to understand the problems of IslamoFascism firsthand.
Perhaps after they've lost a city or two to the extremists, they will be able to come to grips with reality and the need to confront every instance of IslamoFascism wherever it might reside.

OR the other side of that coin is that France could be lost entirely and simply do the typical French response - surrender and call on the United States to come back over and save their bacon again.

If so It seems the best option is to just go ahead and nuke the bejabbers out of them and be done with the problem once and for all.Which wold also necessitate the concurrent bombing of Tehran, Damascus and possibly Rhiyahd (sic)
Oh well
Nuke power is cleaner and in the long run cheaper than oil anyway

Ted Kennedy, The Man, the Frustration

Who is Teddy Kennedy?
90 Proof is a man destined to go down in DumbaKratic History as the single most frustrated induvidual ever born.
Primarily because he has never and cannot ever run for President of the US. First after Bobby was shot he promised Rose he would never run, and second he's a coward and afraid to run for fear of being assasinated like his brothers. Second, he has the Chappaquidic noose around his neck. Hard to run for an office such as POTUS when you have an (unpunished) vehicular manslaughter incident in the past. An ''accident'' which shows the cowardly nature of the beast. And perhaps beast is an apt description of 'Ole 90 Proof.. By all reports a confirmed and unrepentant womanizer who makes even Bill Clinton look like a novice, ahhhh but in another thirty years or so, Billy will have caught up with 'Ole 90 Proof and perhaps even surpass his errant exploits.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Auntie Fatima !!!! Is that you ???

Oh look it's Auntie Fatima and Auntie Mawwaddie and your sister Faloopie
Wait, no thats not your sister, that is my wife, nooooo I think it might be my neighbors wife. No it can't be, she weighs 200 kilos. OK, it IS someone and she or it is wearing a burkha so it is probably female, sort of. And it only has two legs so it can't be your goat.
Ahhhh.... who cares, they all smell the same

Shiite Pets- Grow one for FUN

I'm gonna buy a case of 'em for MY CHRISTmas list!!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bad Move W

The Administration today approved the sale of parts for aircraft to Iran. Granted the parts are for airliners, not fighters, but so what. Itan is committed to a decisive victory against the West. and that means us the US of A.
Selling thm anything is goofy. The money brought in to GE in no way makes up for the problem of supporting a gov't which anathema to ours.
Bad Move W !

Escondido, My Kind Of Town !

Finally a Southern California town with th gravitas to JUST SAY NO to Illegal Invasionists.
Escondido Ca. joined the ranks of at least two other cities choosing to uphold the concept of National Autonomy, rather than including illegal invaders from Mexico as citizens.

Praise the Lord !!!!!!!!!

Finally a town in So Cal with the cojones to do the right thing no matter who it offends. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!

The American Communist Lawyers Union threatens to bring a lawsiuit, as if this is something the dingbats need to get involved in.

California has enough people from the Communist Lawyers Union in residence.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Kerry, Simple John, just a man

Sung to the tune of the old Fess Parker - Daniel Boone TV show

Simple John was a man,
Yes, just a man!
With an eye like an turkey
And as tall as a Larch tree was he!
Simple John was a man,
Yes, just a man!
He was nearly brave, he was feared by three And as tough as a mighty Larch tree!
From the coonskin cap on the top of ol' John
To the heel of his rawhide shoe;
The rappin'est, whorin'est, talkin'est man
The frontier ever knew!
Simple John was a man,
Yes, just a man!
And he fought for Al Qaida
To make all Al Qaidian’s free!
What a Buffoon! What a pooer!
What a dream come-er-true-er was he! (for Theresa)
Simple John was a man,
Yes, just a man!
With a whoop and a holler
he'd mow down a forest of roses!
Simple John was a man,
Yes, just a man!
If he frowned at a river
In July all the water would freeze!
But a peaceable, pioneer fella was John
When he smiled all the Lice would thaw!
The stingin'est, laughin'est, floppiest man
The frontier ever saw!
Simple John was a man,
Yes, just a man!
With a dream of a country that'd
Always forever be his!
What a Buffoon! What a poo-er!
What a dream-come-er-true-er was he!

Kerry, Korea, Kerry, Korea, Kerry, Korea

Dufus Kerry
"Kerry said the Bush administration "has lost credibility in the world. And that's why Iran is emboldened, and that's why North Korea is emboldened."

No you moonbat freak !!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's the FarLeftoidal Theory of Appeasment you Toilet Brained Moron!!
WHen Senators and Representatives stand up and tell OUR ENEMIES they are tried of a war we can't win. THE ENEMY listens.
John Kerry is a drooling dolt of a DumbaKratic Defeatist. Won't Theresa please have him committed before he makes a complete fool of himself in public again?

Surely all those millions must be good for something? If not maybe she could just let John F'n Kerry take a ride over the Chappaquidic bridge with Good "Ole 90 Proof.
With of course the hope for 90 Proof to no longer be the swimmer he used to be.

But I digress, John F'n Kerry, what an inate embarrasment to this country.The United States should get a handicap at the next Olympics for having such a buffoon as a Legal Resident. The thought being, perhaps we can just foist him off on the French, He already has a second citizenship which is French doesn't he? Or are we sure it is legal for an elected official to have dual citizenship? Seems wrong to me. Can he be held legaly liable for any crimes or is he covered by diplomatic immunity?

Can't he just go there and then forget to come home? Please.
I feel like Henny Youngman.. Take my CONgress (the opposite of PROgress)Critter. PLEASE?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Definitions of an OON

Definitions of an OON
Halleburton: 1) v. to be non-assimilated. 2) n. a person of indeterminate stability with multiple personality disorders. 3) subj. a state of being confirmed as a dedicated conspiracy-ologist, one who conforms to and assimilates the Conspiracy of the Day.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Israel, and Lebanon / Iran - More War?

This below comes from a source I trust implicitly who happens to have his feet on the ground in Israel, and who has lived there now for about seven years.
He is not a huge fan of W and the political process for "The Roadmap" which W continues to press.

Neither am I, in that respect a fan of the current administration.


The political situation in Israel has been tense to say the least. The president is under investigation for improper conduct in office with two women. But then so was the newly appointed head of the Supreme Court. The head of the IDF that was appointed by Omert, was found to have been given two hours notice that the Hezbollah was going to start the war. Instead of spending the time preparing the army, he spent the two hours shifting funds with his stockbroker. The Prime Minister who is over this left-wing nightmare, is under investigation for accepting a $400,000 bribe. These are the guys that held the reigns on the IDF while they shelled Israel for weeks, then surrendered to a UN treaty that is an unconditional defeat for Israel .

To say the people here are angry is an understatement. The UN has announced that they will NOT try to disarm the Hezbollah. In fact the Hezbollah are stripping their bunkers and moving the weapons into Palestinian refugee camps, the ones the UN runs. Syria has insisted that the UN forces stay off of its border and the UN did not raise a peep of protest. Now Syria can now re-arm the Hezbollah at will. The UN even announced that the UN troops do not have the right to use weapons if they confront the Hezbollah, who are now claiming a victory.

The bulk of the "International Force" that will be on the border of Israel is made up of countries that officially refuse to recognize Israel 's right to exist. So in the end, the only thing the treaty, spearheaded by the US and France has done, is to move in 10,000 troops to reinforce the Iranian proxy army.

Germany is doing some real soul searching with their UN soldiers being on the other side of a battle with the Jews once again. They are talking about only sending non combat personnel to keep from having to be in a position of killing Jews once again. Everyone here thinks this is not a cease fire, but a time for the Hezbollah to re-arm and re-group. Then the war will start again, only worse. Iran started this war, and got its wish—the time to finish its nuclear program. Iran has not just built a reactor for power; it has built over twenty facilities for the mass production of nuclear weapons.

Because the Hezbollah is officially a part of the Lebanese Government, the act of the Hezbollah was an official act of war by Lebanon against Israel . Israel hit their infrastructure to try and press home the point that their thin attempt at deniability has a steep cost. But unfortunately America is going to pay to repair the damages to Lebanon so that they can get off scot-free. So once again our tax dollars are used to protect the aggressor, but I hear nothing about helping Israel rebuild their shattered cities that have been shelled for months.

There are many calls of ‘no confidence’ in this government, but I suspect that the ones in charge will not go out quietly. They have already replaced the supreme court head with another political appointment instead of using more qualified personnel causing many calls of cronyism

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