Sunday, January 22, 2006

Redwoods Falling, Spotted Owl Soup

As is the case so often, the eviro-fascists have created an undesired result. Their concept was to stop the logging of anything with branches and or needles. Well it worked but.... now in the tiny town of Annapolis California, the result is to have those same forest plots sold to be cleared for the production of pinot noir grapes. Precisely because the trees are so difficult to get the permits to log!
Well guess what, if you own a hundred to a thousand acres of forest and you have to pay taxes on it, you're going to find a way to make it support itself.
Whether it's going to be logging as was the case historically or if it's to clear it off and put in grapes or even to just sell the land to developers looking for a place to grow the fragile pinot noir grape, the land now has no trees !
I wonder, can a spotted owl live in a grape vine?
And might that same Spotted Owl Soup be nicely balanced by a well aged Kendall Jackson Pinot Noir?

Friday, January 20, 2006

Republican no.. a Republicrat

Republican Senator Ted Stevens is soooo wrong and speaks volumes about why term limits should be made to happen. AP writer
Mary Pembertons article on Stevens tells us that "in the old days" they woldn't have said those things, and "they would have remembered when I voted for ......"

What Stevens alludes to is the " good ole boy " network.
I voted for your pork you vote for mine.
Well enough is enough, if he can't stand to be around the other Republicrats and Demoblicans whose apparent sole purpose in life is to spend my grandchildren into the poor house, let him leave, please let him leave.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Nagin is Racist

Wow, Ray Nagin the Mayor of New Orleans is suggesting that God is mad the U.S., and that is the reason for all the hurricanes. Pat Robertson said the same thing and wsa characterized as eeeevilll incarnate and a racist for saying it. Probably that won't happen this time, but it should.
Nagin is also suggesting New Orleans will be a chocolate city again. Which wold be OK if that's what the residents of the city want. But it nearly sounds as if Nagin has a plan in mind to assure the chocolatization of New Orleans. Perhaps an affirmative action plan which will bring back the many thousands of former New Orleans residents who fled the destruction.
If so, who is he suggesting should pay for the process? Well that would be you and I for sure.

But the question I have to ask is why? Why are we stuck with the anachronistic idea of re-building a city below sea level? A city which is doomed to failure if the global warming advocates are to be believed.

A city where pumps will have to run 24/7 just to keep up with the incursion of THE OCEAN.

And then to suggest about the "chocolatization of New Orleans thats the way God wants it".
Sorry Ray, that seems a little over the top from my perpsective.
Although I won't draw the obvious conclusion from what Nagin states, that God, the Creator of the Universe, is racist.

Crazy Libs, Don't Act It, BE IT

James Carville at NewsMax
has a lttany of remedies for the Peoples Democratic Party of US, from his latest book.
The problem with Jimmy and co-author paul Begala though don't seem to realize the direction they are going. The excerpts from the book and the interviews point out the Conservative Light views Jimmy and Paul want Hillary to push for the next two years.
Ideas such as wrap ourselves in the flag.
James doesn't get it. The Conservatives didn't wrap themselves in the flag. We on the Right side of the aisle BELIEVE in being patriots, not just acting patriotic. Wrapping oneself in the flag has been a derogatory comment from the left since Vientnam. Now the Libs want to use that same "flag" idiology to try and pull the wool over the eyes of the American voters. Call me itrational but I belive the American people are smart enough to see the difference between the malarkey Carville is spouting and th real concern for American safety the Conservatives are trying to achieve.

The Libs seem to still think they could make it all better if they could just sit down with Osama bin duckin' and talk it over and come to a consensus on what the position of the Great Satan (America) should be in the world.
And make no mistake the majority of Lib Leaders see, or at least profess for the consumption of their Far Lefty Loon supporters the concept of the U.S. being wrong in nearly every aspect of who and what we are.

James, don't act like you want to wrap yourself in the flag, BE the patriot you want Hillary to act like.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Racist ???????

To the anonymous commenter.
Racist ?? you ignorant twit. I am no more a racist than James Earl Jones.
If the title of the entry offends you, get a life.
The title actually came from a friend of mine, a black American.
He is more upset with those two chuckleheads than I am. But they both offend ME enough to suggest they should stay where they believe the grass is greener, and life is sweet, Ven. Cuba, China whatever.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Black-eyed Peas in a Pod

Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover, both fools and idiots.
Why can't they just stay in Venezuela if they think the Socialist agenda of Chavez is so great?
oh thats right they both need the Capitilist country AMERICA in which to make the funds necassary to rag AMERICANS about bein .... wel you know AMERICANS !!!!!!!!!!!
Like said both are fools.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Judge on Drugs???

Another judge gone goofy [I refuse to capitalize judge for afool like this]judge Edward Cashman has determine punishment doesn't work, so a 60 day sentence for convicted child rapist is going to have to do.
Rehabilitation is the answer said the goofball jusge.
"Judge Cashman explained that he is more concerned that Hulett receive sex offender treatment as rehabilitation"
Well! can everyone just say DUH!!!!, The judge obviously has a greater concern for the sickop twisted creep who shoud have been shot, hung, burned, brought back to life and then rehung, than for the seven year old victim.
Perhaps judge cashman should share that jail cell with creepo Hulett so he can offer rehabilitative counsel while Hulett introduces the judge to "Bubba"
Bubba can explain judge fudge to cashman at the same time.
At one time in this country any fool stupid enough to come up with a sentence of this sort would have been removed from the bench. Now the Loony Left simply cheers for the idiot judge as a "model judge" in tune with the need for symapthy for those in angst over something or other.
This judge should be removed not from the bench but from the country, a place like Devils Island would work well enough.

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