Friday, January 20, 2006

Republican no.. a Republicrat

Republican Senator Ted Stevens is soooo wrong and speaks volumes about why term limits should be made to happen. AP writer
Mary Pembertons article on Stevens tells us that "in the old days" they woldn't have said those things, and "they would have remembered when I voted for ......"

What Stevens alludes to is the " good ole boy " network.
I voted for your pork you vote for mine.
Well enough is enough, if he can't stand to be around the other Republicrats and Demoblicans whose apparent sole purpose in life is to spend my grandchildren into the poor house, let him leave, please let him leave.


Anonymous said...

the issues of party affiliation are endemic to the system. stop griping a fix it at your local level, leave the rest of it to those of us who understand the problem

Anonymous said...


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