Thursday, January 05, 2006

Judge on Drugs???

Another judge gone goofy [I refuse to capitalize judge for afool like this]judge Edward Cashman has determine punishment doesn't work, so a 60 day sentence for convicted child rapist is going to have to do.
Rehabilitation is the answer said the goofball jusge.
"Judge Cashman explained that he is more concerned that Hulett receive sex offender treatment as rehabilitation"
Well! can everyone just say DUH!!!!, The judge obviously has a greater concern for the sickop twisted creep who shoud have been shot, hung, burned, brought back to life and then rehung, than for the seven year old victim.
Perhaps judge cashman should share that jail cell with creepo Hulett so he can offer rehabilitative counsel while Hulett introduces the judge to "Bubba"
Bubba can explain judge fudge to cashman at the same time.
At one time in this country any fool stupid enough to come up with a sentence of this sort would have been removed from the bench. Now the Loony Left simply cheers for the idiot judge as a "model judge" in tune with the need for symapthy for those in angst over something or other.
This judge should be removed not from the bench but from the country, a place like Devils Island would work well enough.


granny2go said...

rehabilitation is far more worthy goal than simple minded punishment.
this judge should be commended and nominated for the Supreme Court

2jjon_onkron said...

granny get your head out of your ass, the guy raped a six year old girl for four years!
the punishment should have been death by buggery

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