Tuesday, November 14, 2006


From .AP link

Arellano said she should not have to choose between leaving her son or taking away his rightful opportunities as an American. But conservative columnists and anti-illegal immigration activists say Arellano put herself and her son in this difficult spot by repeatedly breaking the law.

Arellano illegally crossed into the United States in 1997 and was quickly sent back. She returned within days, living for three years in Oregon before moving to Chicago in 2000. Her current troubles began when she was arrested at O'Hare International Airport, where she worked as a cleaning woman. Convicted of working under a false Social Security number, she served three years probation before being ordered to appear at the immigration office in Chicago.

Fox's spokesman Ruben Aguilar acknowledges that Arellano broke U.S. law, but "we think there exist certain elements of a humanitarian nature that should be taken into account to avoid splitting up the family."

LCRW says
Best answer: Strip the son of his Illegal American citizenship, then deport both the mother and the son.

Illegal Citizenship?

Yes, it was conferred on him under unlawful entry into the US. An accident of birth should not be an automatic confirmation of citizenship to an unlawful immigrant.

DEPORTATION not amnesty

Pol's who don't get the message, don't get the vote

Nuke Iran Now !

From AP

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in a two-hour news conference in Tehran, asserted the world has no choice but to "live with a nuclear Iran,"

There is of course another option, a Nuked Iran, and that seems the best answer all around.

Ahmadinejad Under Glass, the perfect desert after a main course of North Korea under slag

Friday, November 10, 2006

Cpl. Cory Leonard Palmer, USMC

found this elsewhere - here it is

Senator Kerry Nov. 1, 2006

Damn you. You are a bumbling idiot. My son, Cory, left the Computer Engineering Program at West Virginia University, a superlative educational institution to volunteer to serve in the United States Marine Corps. He made it to Recon in less than one year, completing over a dozen schools,finishing with top scores in every single one of them. Cory, along with every Recon Marine, was/is a brilliant young man. They all volunteered - there is no draft as there was when you were in the Armed Forces. Cory, along with 3 other Recon Marines, died as the result of an IED explosion in May, 2006. These men, along with their peers, are superior in intellect. How dare you dishonor them by your careless words? You are a stupid, self-absorbed, fool.

I am not speaking as a member of any political party - in fact; I support more democrats at this juncture than republicans. But I loathe the disdain you display for my son and those whose magnificent service was given for something they held so dear to their hearts - freedom. I pray that your political future is doomed. You are a detriment to every democrat with whom you associate. If in deed, your words were, as you say, intended as a joke, then you are heartless. My son's life is certainly more than a joke. He and these almost 3,000 young men and women who have died with him, are much more valued and loved than to be used as pawns in your own petty political pundits. You were not misunderstood. You were clearly heard and understood by us all. You were on national television. You are utterly disrespectful of our sons and of us, their families. I will work tirelessly to bring you down. You discredit every member of the Armed Forces. Not only are these troops more savvy than ever before in history, so are their commanding officers, many of whom have advanced educational degrees. You, John Kerry, are nothing but scum. Spare us from the further desecration of our troops and the superlative military minds that truly do serve our nation. Remove yourself from the limelight and step down from office, NOW.

VERY sincerely,

Mrs. Danna Swain Palmer, Proud Mom of Fallen Marine,

Cpl. Cory Leonard Palmer, USMC, Recon

May 10, 1984 - May 6 - 2006

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

America Lost Long Ago

from Ken Mehlman- "I see three things out of it. First of all, we need to recommit ourselves to our conservative reform principles, that's very important.

Ken - y'all lost this election four years ago when the spending went through the roof, with no end in sight.
Y'all lost this election when nothing was doenabout border security with mexico.
Getting BACK to the conservative reform principles is a good idea which never should have been necassary.

Ken here's a hint, it's not about an election cycle scheme. It's ALL about BEING who we the Conservatives want.
If the people we elect won't be the conservatives we want, they won't be re-elected.

Ken try living with a Leftist Pinko Commie Democratic Jihadist party in power for two years and and tell the RINOsaurs to hit the road.
Give me a solid conservative choice next time, with the ability to believe in them and the CONSERVATIVES can have back the CONgress.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ramsey Clark - Idiot Extrordinaire

How can it be so easy for Ramsey Clark to act so incredibly biased and idiotic?
In a release at Sky News Shiite for brains Ramsey Al-Clark ragged on the presiding Iraqi Judge calling the trial a travesty.

No, you dirtbag Libyarul, Dufus, Slimehole, ACLU Lawyer, Miscreant !!
The travesty was Sadamite Hoooosein killing his own people all those years with no one saying or doing anything about it!

a quote from Ramsey Al-Clark - "The trial will go down in history as politically forced, it was a disaster for justice. It just went on for to long with lawyers killed and judges kicked off"
The only real travesty from my perspective is that RamseyAl-Clark made it to the end of the trial.

And to then suggest the verdict was timed to coincide with the Mid-Term Elections in this country!! Oh my gosh what a foul underhanded trick that would be, sounds more like something a Libyarul would try to do and get it all screwed up.

Ramsey Clark is an abcess
An abcess is a collection of pus in (on) the body (politic)

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