Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ramsey Clark - Idiot Extrordinaire

How can it be so easy for Ramsey Clark to act so incredibly biased and idiotic?
In a release at Sky News Shiite for brains Ramsey Al-Clark ragged on the presiding Iraqi Judge calling the trial a travesty.

No, you dirtbag Libyarul, Dufus, Slimehole, ACLU Lawyer, Miscreant !!
The travesty was Sadamite Hoooosein killing his own people all those years with no one saying or doing anything about it!

a quote from Ramsey Al-Clark - "The trial will go down in history as politically forced, it was a disaster for justice. It just went on for to long with lawyers killed and judges kicked off"
The only real travesty from my perspective is that RamseyAl-Clark made it to the end of the trial.

And to then suggest the verdict was timed to coincide with the Mid-Term Elections in this country!! Oh my gosh what a foul underhanded trick that would be, sounds more like something a Libyarul would try to do and get it all screwed up.

Ramsey Clark is an abcess
An abcess is a collection of pus in (on) the body (politic)

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