Wednesday, November 08, 2006

America Lost Long Ago

from Ken Mehlman- "I see three things out of it. First of all, we need to recommit ourselves to our conservative reform principles, that's very important.

Ken - y'all lost this election four years ago when the spending went through the roof, with no end in sight.
Y'all lost this election when nothing was doenabout border security with mexico.
Getting BACK to the conservative reform principles is a good idea which never should have been necassary.

Ken here's a hint, it's not about an election cycle scheme. It's ALL about BEING who we the Conservatives want.
If the people we elect won't be the conservatives we want, they won't be re-elected.

Ken try living with a Leftist Pinko Commie Democratic Jihadist party in power for two years and and tell the RINOsaurs to hit the road.
Give me a solid conservative choice next time, with the ability to believe in them and the CONSERVATIVES can have back the CONgress.

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