Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Liberals (not democrats?)

The Lefty Loonies and Liberalistas who are so glib about the process of discussion relating to troop withdrawal from Iraq nearly always state. "It's the Democratic Right to free Speech" as it is indeed.
The point they miss is fundamental to the problem though of how our enemies percieve the process.
Case in point the Governor of Tokyo (from Insight on the News) states that in any war with China we the U.S. will lose not merely because we can be overun by gazillions of chinese kamikazes. But also because as soon as we lose 2000 troops we would be forced to withdraw. Does that sound familiar?
So... then the question becomes if we as a Democratic society have the right (and the obligation) to discuss what we feel is important to the nation as a whole, how can we do it so as to not leave the impression overseas that we are a nation which will 'cut and run"?
It would appear that our Liberal Minority should exercize more caution when trying to grab a few headlines, or a fifteen second sound bite on th evening news. And perhaps someone should muzzle the FORMER Prez. Clinton. Maybe Shrillary could have him fitted with a muzzle while he's being neutered for her run at the Presidency.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Politicaly Correct Judaism

Seems like th AP has a lock on finding the Jewish Moderate to report on .
Rabbi Eric Yoffie is now exorting the "evils" of being a Evangelical Christian, rather than a more politically correct wishy washy moderate, quiet, all-inclusive type of Christian.
Such as perhaps a Christian Denomination which will allow a practicing homosexual to be in the clergy.
Or perhaps better yet, a practicing "alternatively sexed, convicted but reformed murderer / pedophile / hermaphrodite / married to a German Shepard, three cats, and a water buffalo (a very open ended marriage indeed)
Rabbi Yoffie even makes the incredible assertion -

"But he said, overall, conservatives too narrowly define family values, making a "frozen embryo in a fertility clinic" more important than a child, and ignoring poverty and other social ills."
Really? That would be the same Evangelicalswho DID send millions of daollars and alos at their own peril hundreds of people to the tsunami stricken area, the Katrina area and victims and nearly anywhere else I can think of which needs people and funding to alleiveiate the suffering.
To Yoffie the Great Obfuscater- Liar Liar Liar pants on fire.

Yoffie also asserts that we as the Christian religious right believe that "unless you attend my church, accept my God and study my sacred text you cannot be a moral person."
NO! thats not what we believe.
We do believe the Holy Bible is the inerrant Word of God, and if y'all don't want to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, you may act like and smell like and sound like an exceedingly moral person, but you will inevitably wind up in hell.
And so be it, it's your choice, and y'all are free to make that choice.
Including the Rabbi Yoffie who with his Jewish Reform group seems to want to, dumb down, and sleaze down the attributes and codes of a religion which spawned my Saviour. And thats OK, but don't do it on my back say I.
Yoffie repeatdly mentioned the name of adolp hitler as some sort of model for the non-acceptance of gay people re: the reliious right. Seems like fear mongering of the same sort hitler himself used to divide and conquer the German people.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Double Speak

AP Story -Pullout Rejected
There are days when I just don't understand the Liberalista Loonies. Today is one of them. In the House chambers tonight, Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio was speaking of a telephone call from a marine Colonel. During this speechifying from Ms. Scmidt the House chambers were brought to a standstill by the Demoncratic boos and catcalls. AND THEN Rep. Harold Ford began screaming about the name calling of Rep Schmidt and Rep. Marty Meehan began calling the Repubs - pathetic.
All this because Rep. John Murtha wants to pull the troops out of Iraq qithin six months. Essentially a 'cut and run" tactic.
The dichotomy of the issue are stuning.
But thats OK, I stopped looking for logic from Demoncrats long before I left the ranks of the DixieCrats.
ANd besides I like the idea of a free exchange of opinions from the left and the Right, in the same manner as the British Parliment.
The name calling doesn't bother me, and shouldn't bother any well adjusted personality.
And it opens the lines of communication by allowing a venting of whatever a person feels is their own version of reality.

I would try this with my wife perhaps at the dinner table, but I've grown fond of being married over the decades and have made a rational choice to stay married. So perhaps I'll content myself with just an occasional outburst of "Amaretto coffe with a raspberry cobbler for dessert? What were you thinking?"

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Lose the Agenda PLEASE!

I find myself wishing the AP would just lose the left-wing loonatoid agenda for perhaps a week or two.
In the article linked below:
U.S. & France
The Ap writer - (note: writer does not wquate to reporter, a writer writes the news he/she wants to see, a reporter reports what happened, in theory)
notes that while France has it's problems so does the US, well duj!, My point though is this: WHy in the act of writing the ''news'' that France has racial problems creating riots and even some deaths does the issue of the perceived racism of a natural event such as a hurricane come up? The only reason seems to be so that particular US hating 'writer' can take another shot at the US.
Just like everything else which exists under the sun, it is just an opportuity to take a shot at:
1] The United States, or
2] George Bush # 43, or
3] The Christian faith, or...
4] The best of all possible worlds - all three at once.
What sleazemeisters they be. Avast there me hearties I smell a change in the wind. reef the mainsail and haul in the jib, theres a storm abrewin'

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nationalized Health Care?

Tony Blair on Wed. at the House of Commons in debating opposing party members lauded the praises of his party for reducing the wait for Medical operations from eighteen months down to six months. My question would be - why would any national leader brag about a health care model which has a six month waiting list for medical operations?

I then ponder why would Billary want to foist that type of health care on to the American public.
Does she dislike the American people that much?
And is she willing to wait six months to have Billy neutered when she is running for the Highest Office in the land?

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Family Time Au Jus

From an AFP report on the Drudge site:
  • French Riots

  • "Moozlum" family time has run amok, The end of ramadan is more commonly associated with family get togethers and feasts of camel and/or goat barbeques. I have no idea what type of chips to serve with camel burgers.
    But buried in the report was an interesting stat.

    "The country has 751 neighbourhoods officially classed as severely disadvantaged, [ghetto] housing a total of five million people, around eight percent of the population.

    Conditions are often dire with high-rise housing, unemployment at twice the national rate of 10 percent and per capita incomes 40 percent below the national average. "

    If the unemployment rate in this country was ten percent we would call it a depression, not a recession, but a full blown bread line depression.

    People on Wall Street and elsewhere would be jumping from their windows, entering convents and monasteries, and selling Apple Ipods on the street corners. Admittedly those who are not on Wall Street and jumping from their first floor windows would be performing a sybolic gesture only. Though it would be a bit sad to see them laying there on the sidewalks with badly sprained ankles.

    But a ten percent unemployment rate, and these are the same fools John Kerry, Ted kennedy, and Dingy Harry Reid wanted us to listen to about whats right and whats wrong in the world.
    My question is did the shutting down of Sodom Husseins "oil for food" scam do any damage to the Frogs economy or has it just always been the Socialist dream it now is.
    They had a good chance to rebuild their country after WWII when we and our wartime materiel capability along with the assistance of the British manpower liberated the Continent.
    But it was the Frenchies who have chosen Benevolent Socialism in place of true Personal Freedom. The downside to this is the creeping progression of this country under the influence of the Radical Lefty Loonies toward that same idiocy.

    Family time for sure for the loony fringe elements in the 'moozelum" world. If they don't like it in France, why don't they just go somewhere else, perhaps the Gaza Strip would work for them? I hear there are new neighborhoods opening up there. No need to BUY a house, just move in a take up residence.
    Paint over the Star of David, slap on a red crescent and set up a Camel "Wash 'N' Go"

    Friday, November 04, 2005

    Corporate Welfare ! Energy Fraud !

    The new funding proposal for the LIHEAP (Low Income Heating & Energy Assistance Progrm) is nothing more than an attempt at the influx of more Federal Dollars (some of them mine) into corprate welfare.
    The concept is a typical 'feel good' response to the rising cost of heating a home.
    So far so good... but the bottom line reasons why households aren't able to pay their heating bills are really a lot simpler than the "complex issues of social stratification and endemic poverty areas" touted by the likes of NCAT
  • Liheap ClearingHouse

  • The problems of poverty are sad to see, easy to critisize and perhaps impossible at this tim to eradicate.

    "Increasing LIHEAP funding to $5.2 billion would enable the program to cover the full increase in recipients’ heating costs so they would not be forced to pay more out of pocket for heat this winter"
    Well heres a thought: How the smokes? Do we think maybe some of these folks might smoke (legally)?
    Yeah, probably.
    Or heres another, how 'bout the brewski's ?
    Think some of these same folks might like to indulge in an adult beverage (either daily weekly ofr every couple of hours ?
    Yeah probably.
    Before y'all start whinin' about how insensitive I am, and how I don't know what I'm talking about. Just stop.
    I do know of which I speak:
    A] I've been poor, and bad habits played a part in it.
    B] I work in a sector of the LIHEAP program, I see the clients.
    C] No, not all of them are beer guzzling, meth smokin' crackheads, but an awfully large percentage of the beer guzling, meth smokin' crackheads also have satellite tv or gazillion channel cable connections. (and you and I pick up the tab for part of their electric or gas bills)
    The single population which might rightly benefit from the increased funding of you and I paying their utility bills are the Senior citizens on Social Security.
    WHich brings up the issue of Social Security Reform. -DO IT, DO IT NOW, before another poor sod has to retire on next to nothing and live in a trailer park in a "home" that is twelve feet wide and fifty six feet long!
    And yes, every time the "Alternate Rates For Energy" programs are increased (read that as lower rates for the poor) the rest of us who pay full price, actually wind up paying more for our full rate service.

    And from that same article:
    “After record high energy prices last year, many low- and moderate-income consumers are carrying balances on their utility bills that threaten to swell out of control as prices climb still more steeply,” said NCAF Executive Director David Bradley. “Some other very low-income families in almost every state are already without lights and refrigeration or without gas service,” he added.
    Heres another freely given thought- move to New Orleans, I hear they are still giving out free bags of ice.

    Wednesday, November 02, 2005

    Alito is THE MAN

    Judge Alito appears to b a sane and conservative fellow. If no skeletons are found in his closets - likely a shoo in for confirmation. Even the Fourteen Thugs appear to be breaking up over the nomination.
    The link shows hios opinions at FindLaw dot com
  • FindLaw-Alito

  • With only the constituion to defend, perhaps someone such as Alito is the only rational choice. Someone without an apparent agenda of being a Jucicial Legislationist.
    Jucicial Legislation will be found at some point to be the downfall of a nation - this Nation.
    The rules in the constitution work. Tinkering with the rules only take us further from the original intent of the separation between the various branches of gov't.
    Blurring the lines between the High Court and the Legislature is an easy way to lose sight of the goal - balance

    re: The Fourteen Thugs or Gang of Fourteen, with their eminent demise over the Nomination of Alito, Nothing could please me more. The cowardice of the seven Repubs in the Gang of Thuggery is a reason to work hard against their re-election.
    Th citizens of this country deserve better - and I expected more from McCain. As a vet he should have understood the need to confront the issues rather than just running and endplay to avoid the fight.

    Conservative News