Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nationalized Health Care?

Tony Blair on Wed. at the House of Commons in debating opposing party members lauded the praises of his party for reducing the wait for Medical operations from eighteen months down to six months. My question would be - why would any national leader brag about a health care model which has a six month waiting list for medical operations?

I then ponder why would Billary want to foist that type of health care on to the American public.
Does she dislike the American people that much?
And is she willing to wait six months to have Billy neutered when she is running for the Highest Office in the land?


brightone211 said...

are you certain you have Sen. Clinton figured out?
She appears to be very intelligent, and compassionate.

garficher said...

Shrillary treats you and everyone else in this country as a shill, the same way someone who worls in a carnival treats you.
How do I know she is lying to the public - she's moving her lips.
She's a lawyer - lawyers should never be trusted until they have proven they can be trusted.

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