Friday, November 18, 2005

Double Speak

AP Story -Pullout Rejected
There are days when I just don't understand the Liberalista Loonies. Today is one of them. In the House chambers tonight, Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio was speaking of a telephone call from a marine Colonel. During this speechifying from Ms. Scmidt the House chambers were brought to a standstill by the Demoncratic boos and catcalls. AND THEN Rep. Harold Ford began screaming about the name calling of Rep Schmidt and Rep. Marty Meehan began calling the Repubs - pathetic.
All this because Rep. John Murtha wants to pull the troops out of Iraq qithin six months. Essentially a 'cut and run" tactic.
The dichotomy of the issue are stuning.
But thats OK, I stopped looking for logic from Demoncrats long before I left the ranks of the DixieCrats.
ANd besides I like the idea of a free exchange of opinions from the left and the Right, in the same manner as the British Parliment.
The name calling doesn't bother me, and shouldn't bother any well adjusted personality.
And it opens the lines of communication by allowing a venting of whatever a person feels is their own version of reality.

I would try this with my wife perhaps at the dinner table, but I've grown fond of being married over the decades and have made a rational choice to stay married. So perhaps I'll content myself with just an occasional outburst of "Amaretto coffe with a raspberry cobbler for dessert? What were you thinking?"

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he is a Marine !

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