Saturday, November 05, 2005

Family Time Au Jus

From an AFP report on the Drudge site:
  • French Riots

  • "Moozlum" family time has run amok, The end of ramadan is more commonly associated with family get togethers and feasts of camel and/or goat barbeques. I have no idea what type of chips to serve with camel burgers.
    But buried in the report was an interesting stat.

    "The country has 751 neighbourhoods officially classed as severely disadvantaged, [ghetto] housing a total of five million people, around eight percent of the population.

    Conditions are often dire with high-rise housing, unemployment at twice the national rate of 10 percent and per capita incomes 40 percent below the national average. "

    If the unemployment rate in this country was ten percent we would call it a depression, not a recession, but a full blown bread line depression.

    People on Wall Street and elsewhere would be jumping from their windows, entering convents and monasteries, and selling Apple Ipods on the street corners. Admittedly those who are not on Wall Street and jumping from their first floor windows would be performing a sybolic gesture only. Though it would be a bit sad to see them laying there on the sidewalks with badly sprained ankles.

    But a ten percent unemployment rate, and these are the same fools John Kerry, Ted kennedy, and Dingy Harry Reid wanted us to listen to about whats right and whats wrong in the world.
    My question is did the shutting down of Sodom Husseins "oil for food" scam do any damage to the Frogs economy or has it just always been the Socialist dream it now is.
    They had a good chance to rebuild their country after WWII when we and our wartime materiel capability along with the assistance of the British manpower liberated the Continent.
    But it was the Frenchies who have chosen Benevolent Socialism in place of true Personal Freedom. The downside to this is the creeping progression of this country under the influence of the Radical Lefty Loonies toward that same idiocy.

    Family time for sure for the loony fringe elements in the 'moozelum" world. If they don't like it in France, why don't they just go somewhere else, perhaps the Gaza Strip would work for them? I hear there are new neighborhoods opening up there. No need to BUY a house, just move in a take up residence.
    Paint over the Star of David, slap on a red crescent and set up a Camel "Wash 'N' Go"

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