Sunday, November 13, 2005

Lose the Agenda PLEASE!

I find myself wishing the AP would just lose the left-wing loonatoid agenda for perhaps a week or two.
In the article linked below:
U.S. & France
The Ap writer - (note: writer does not wquate to reporter, a writer writes the news he/she wants to see, a reporter reports what happened, in theory)
notes that while France has it's problems so does the US, well duj!, My point though is this: WHy in the act of writing the ''news'' that France has racial problems creating riots and even some deaths does the issue of the perceived racism of a natural event such as a hurricane come up? The only reason seems to be so that particular US hating 'writer' can take another shot at the US.
Just like everything else which exists under the sun, it is just an opportuity to take a shot at:
1] The United States, or
2] George Bush # 43, or
3] The Christian faith, or...
4] The best of all possible worlds - all three at once.
What sleazemeisters they be. Avast there me hearties I smell a change in the wind. reef the mainsail and haul in the jib, theres a storm abrewin'


bangor said...

not at all paranoid are we?

bruddie said...

it won't let me leave a comment on th "french Riots" post, but.. I like the idea a of a 'camel wash 'n' go!

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