Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Supreme Court, Nikitas Dream Come True

From the state of Vermont, (admitted to the Union in 1791) And within said era being one of the more liberal states - had as their oath of office, the following:

'I do believe in one God, the Creator and Governor of the Universe, the rewarder of the good and the punisher of the wicked. And I do acknowledge the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be given by divine inspiration and own and profess the Protestant religion.'"

And how we get from that - to a position of no Ten Commandments in the kourthouse. I cannot fathom. (presuming one might use logic to make the transition.)
The only possible route from point A to point B appears to be the fulfillment of Nikita-
  • Nikita Kruschev
  • -Kruschevs statement that he would conquer the US from within.
    Witness the Far Left DemonCratic Socialism and the destruction of the Family by the democratic congress, LBJ, and their "Great Society" plan.
  • great society
  • Forty years of "Great Society" has given us: fatherless children, gangbangers, rap music, Jerry Springer, Hitlery Clinton, the ever insufferable Ted Kennedy, metal detectors at grade schools, plus an era when Christ our Lord and Savior has been given the boot from those same schools.

    The terrible consequences of these rulings will likely take decades or generations to correct.
    IF it is done in a civilized fashion.

    Personally I would prefer a sort of civilized revolution, A form of micro managed anarchy to occur, to make the sweeping changes which are so necassary to rebalance the forces at work in this arena.

    Monday, June 27, 2005

    Stupid-Reaming Kourt

    Another sad day for lovers of freedom, common-sense, and the American Constitution.
    First: Yes you can have but no you can't have the Ten Commandments, Yes, if it's part of some sort of theme park display. With perhaps something from the koran, a Totem Pole, a Star of David, and maybe a statue of Mickey Mouse. As long as the so-called gods of diversity are appeased.

    Only One justice stood up to the process, Clarence Thomas suggested taking a new look at what constitutes Establishment Of a Religion.
    Of the 5 who voted against the display in the Kentucky case- a pox on them all, jackalopes each and every one of them. They need to be impeached for:
    a) being unable or unwilling to actually read the document they are sworn to preserve-The Constitution.
    b) being more concerned with social engineering towards a socialist state than upholding the Constitution.

    It would be nice if the jackalope section of the Kourt would retire tomorrow

    Sunday, June 26, 2005

    No Brainer

    The PETA Freaks are at it again.
    They will stage their Running of the Nudes again in Pamplona Spain, concurrent to the Running of the Bulls.
    Hey, call me a simple if you want, but...
    When I look at the people running the bulls and attempt to categorize them.
    I see mostly three groups:.
    Group A - The largest group, Men between the ages of 25 and 50, this group tends to have more individuals who, at least to a casual observer, appear to have had a need to inhibit their basic survival instincts with some form of adult beverage. Within the group are two distinct components, younger men trying to impress the ladies with their machohood, and the elder portion trying to show the ladies they've "still got what it takes"

    Group B - Young men betwen 18 and 25, moderately affluent, or they live nearby. These will be the best or fastest runners and with judicious decison making are also the least likely to get hurt. This group appears to have very few individuals who are overtly inebriated.

    Group C - Everyone else, a smaller group by far, which will at times even include a few women. (or androids made to look like women.)
    The rules are simple, and are as follows:

    (An edict issued by the mayors office details the following rules concerning the running of the bulls:)

    Those who are less than 18 years old are forbidden to run.

    Crowding the fence is not allowed.

    All doors along the runway must be closed.

    No one can remain in the runway who is drunk or drugged or who in any other way represents a danger to the rest.

    One cannot carry things into the runway.

    Runners must be dressed correctly.

    It is forbidden to call to the bulls or in any way attract their attention either in the runway or in the ring.

    Taking photos from inside the runway or from the fences during the encierro is not allowed without permission from the authorities.

    And now back to the point of this post:
    PETA, and the people (?) who decided to institute the Running of the Nudes.
    When I look at the men "Running the Bulls" the overwhelming percentage of them are there not to cast a longing eye at the bulls, but for a number of reasons to complicated to go into here. BUT..taken in total they all appear to be men who would thorougly enjoy the experience of watching a great number of women running in the nude. And may in fact run directly from the BUlls to the NUDES.

    And now the POINT, if the tradition of the "Running of the Bulls" is broken,(from it's beginning in 1590) why should PETA bother with a running of the nudes?
    And don't believe for a moment any of these randy young Spaniards, Eurosexuals, and others will have missed this connection. Running the Bulls goes away and the running of the nudes is over!
    So.. As is most often the case PETA gets it bass-ackwards again. Thereby ensuring the continuance of a Fine, and Noble if somewhat foolhardy tradition well into the next millenia.

    Wake up call

    Wow, just as the guest speaker was finishing the sermon today - a light earthquake hit, nearly everyone in church woke up !

    I wonder if Hitlery has read Kleins new book, if the Hitlery comment bothers you - get a life. I just don't like the idea of a forced national health care agenda.

    And when will the "Bushies" - re: Condi Rice, learn. Leave Israel alone, they know how to handle the Abbas Gang, behave or meet Jesus, which is probably a bad move for a muslim.

    Saturday, June 25, 2005

    Thank You One and All

    To every Man and Woman in service to this Country, I offer my thanks.
    You may not see it in the news on ABC, NBC, CBS, or CNN(never there),
    But the men and women here at home appreciate the job you're doing.

    Some of us understand that the only way to defeat the terrorists is to bring Freedom and Democracy to an area of the world where Freedom has always been in short supply.
    In ten, twenty, or fifty years from now, historians will be able to point back to the roots of where it all began.
    They will point to a President with the courage to buck the system, and the brave Men and Women who hit the ground.And in reality the President got the easier job.
    If not for y'all all would be lost.

    I support you in whatever ways I'm able, and I will never secondguess or armchair quarterback what you do in the field, or in the heat of the moment.

    Terrorists are murders and murdered 3000 of my countrymen, may every terrorist rot in hell for eternity.
    May God bless you and keep you in His Hand.

    Thursday, June 23, 2005

    No home on the range

    Well ya' just gotta love 'em or hate 'em - Now the Supreme Kourt has decided an individuals right to own property is subservient to the needs (or wants) of The State
    So.. if you own a home where Home Depot, Loews or WalMart or any other largish employer of people would like to put a store-MOVE and do it quick, before you get chased out at gunpoint.
    At one time in this country if you walked up to a gent and told him you wanted to buy his place- and he said no. That was the end of the story- unless you went back with guns blazing. But now the neo-socialist Kourts have done the work for you.
    If you want that particular piece of dirt, convince a County or a City you can hire a boatload of illegal aliens and you can get what want.
    Davy Crockett, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson or even Abe Lincoln would have been more likely to just shoot the idiots and been done with the problem.
    As it is so often. "The more complex the problem, the greater the need for a simple solution."

    Whiners extraordinaire

    from the APs Jim Abrams we get -
  • The Article

  • Well the Lefty Whiners are at it again, Dick the "Turban" Durbin, prior to his so called apology, tells us if we don't like it so what.
    Howard Dean is critical of Republicans because we're mostly white Christian conservatives, and thats okay, but now that KARL ROVE dares to compare the Looney Left with Dr. Spock For Terrorists, - Rove should resign?
    Perhaps more than their silly economic and political views, I get tired of listening to the Looney Left whining about every issue which does'nt further their socialist Social Architecture for America plans.
    HEY Hillary (and you too Sen. Chucklehead Schumer) - just get over it.

    Wednesday, June 22, 2005

    Dick "The Turban" Durbin apologizes, mostly. While most of what Dick "The Turban" Durbin said in his "apology" was a straightforward "oops". He did leave himself an "out"

    (Some may believe that my remarks crossed the line. To them I extend my heartfelt apology," Durbin said) The implication being if you're not offended or pained
    then go ahead and take it the way he said it. Meaning (apparently) Gitmo is a gulag, and the Men and Women serving their country are no better than Pol Pot. Somehow, when that is factored into the "apology" it seems a little watered down.
    Call me unimpressed but, I don't believe Dick.

    Asked what the next step for Durbin would be, an aide to Frist told FOX News, "Well, when you say something that appears all over Al Jazeera, you have a lot of work to do."

    In an interview Friday with WWTN Nashville radio host Steve Gill, Cheney said he was so angry he had to watch his language while discussing turban's comments, calling the outburst "one of the more egregious things I'd ever heard uttered on the floor of the United States Senate."
    The vice president even went so far as to suggest that Durbin was unfit for his office, saying the Illinois Democrat's remarks were "so far over the top that I'm just appalled that anybody who serves in the United States Senate would even think those thoughts."

    Tuesday, June 21, 2005

    see below for the recipe

    the right trap for Margay Cats. Posted by Hello

    The bait Posted by Hello

    The food (and gloves) Posted by Hello


    Poor little Liberals, they don't want PBS or NPR changed. Th liberal slant from PBS and NPR is just what they want. Too bad they can't have it all their way. Perhaps if they don't get to keep the liberalista slant they'll just pick up their marbles and go home? No such luck.

    The only position left for the Liberals is to stomp their feet and whine about having to include some sort of balanced reporting and coverage from PBS.

    Perhaps coverage which doesn't make me hurl would be offered, that would be OK.
    Ya' know I don't believe it's all the nature show offeringsd which offend most of us Conservatives.
    I like to see different animals - endangered or otherwise. Which reminds me, I have an excellent recipe for Spotted Owl Soup -and it only requires six Spotted Owls !

    Spotted owls -6
    Margay Cat - 1
    Onions- 2 c. chopped
    Carrotts - 1c. thinly sliced
    Cilantro - 1 c.- chopped
    Habanero peppers - 1/2 c. - chopped[coarse]
    Red potatoes [small] - 10-12
    Cardomom - 1/4 tsp.
    salt and thyme to taste
    Dir. cut the heads off the Spotted owls. Sprinkle the heads around a Long Spring Animal Trap.
    Lay the bodies on the leaves covering the trigger of the trap.
    After you have caught the Cat, skin and butcher it, Make certain you don't ruin the pelt - it makes a really snazzy pair of gloves.
    Toss the margay in the pot with all the veggies [organic if possible] the seasonings and enough water to cover it all.
    Simmer for approx. three hours.
    Serve with a Rose wine and Extra Sourdough baguette
    The aesthete aims at harmony rather than beauty. If his hair does not match the mauve sunset against which he is standing, he hurriedly dyes his hair another shade of mauve. If his wife does not go with the wall-paper, he gets a divorce." - ILN,12/25/09 G.K. Chesterton

    Sounds like a Far Left Liberalista to me.
    When Hillary runs in '08, will she change her wallpaper or will she change Billy?
    Do you think she was really having an affair with Vince Foster? And would that be before or after Vince assumed room temperature. And was Billy watching?

    Monday, June 20, 2005


    "Tolerance is the virtue of a man with no convictions."
    G.K. Chesterson (1874-1936)

    Friday, June 17, 2005

    (06-17) 11:15 PDT Ahoskie, N.C. (AP)
    Two freaks from PETA charged with cruelty to food after being found dumping dead dogs and cats in a dumpster in No. Carolina. Posted by Hello

    The purrfect cat for John Kerry. Posted by Hello
    (06-17) 11:15 PDT Ahoskie, N.C. (AP) --
    Two employees of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals were charged with animal cruelty for allegedly picking up dogs and cats from shelters and dumping their dead bodies in the garbage.

    "Well I am just so very impressed with the manner in which peta is so willing to abuse the rights of these critters they are pledged to protect.

    Nothing new though, the Far Left Whacko Fringe has always been ready to exploit and justify any means to produce the end result THEY are seeking.

    Whether or not I should have a nicely grilled lamb chop, or a tofu burger is a choice I prefer to make for myself, thank you.
    I wonder if any these peta freaks have ever seen the old movie Soylent Green ?

    Thursday, June 16, 2005

    House panel gets it Right

    A House panel got it (part) right today. Cutting foreign aid to goofball dictators, and hateful American bashers is a good first step, toward weaning the world at large from the American teat.
    When the foreign aid total is finally down to a level so any middlin' wealthy Capitalist Entrepenuer can afford it, it will likely be close to a reasonable level.

    And to any countries who really want foreign aid, I would happily offer Sen. Dick Durbin.
    Even willingly buying the one-way ticket myself, to any country who would take him.
    If Dick Durbin feels so badly for the Gitmo terrorist detainees, why doesn't he do the typical Lefty empathy route. Instead of actually fixing a problem, try to empathize, to experience the totality of the pain these people feel.
    Why doesn't Dick Durbin go to Gitmo and crawl in a cell himself !
    Oh wait thats right, Dick is a member of the current Aristocracy of America. Dick is a Senator.
    While in truth Dick Durbin is only a Neo-Communist/Socialist puke spewer.

    Wednesday, June 15, 2005

    Michael Jackson belongs in a cell next to Charlie Manson, Charlie would be the sane one of the pair.
    Tom Sneddon blew it badly, Will Osama seek to have his trial moved to Santa Maria ?

    Conservative News