Sunday, June 26, 2005

No Brainer

The PETA Freaks are at it again.
They will stage their Running of the Nudes again in Pamplona Spain, concurrent to the Running of the Bulls.
Hey, call me a simple if you want, but...
When I look at the people running the bulls and attempt to categorize them.
I see mostly three groups:.
Group A - The largest group, Men between the ages of 25 and 50, this group tends to have more individuals who, at least to a casual observer, appear to have had a need to inhibit their basic survival instincts with some form of adult beverage. Within the group are two distinct components, younger men trying to impress the ladies with their machohood, and the elder portion trying to show the ladies they've "still got what it takes"

Group B - Young men betwen 18 and 25, moderately affluent, or they live nearby. These will be the best or fastest runners and with judicious decison making are also the least likely to get hurt. This group appears to have very few individuals who are overtly inebriated.

Group C - Everyone else, a smaller group by far, which will at times even include a few women. (or androids made to look like women.)
The rules are simple, and are as follows:

(An edict issued by the mayors office details the following rules concerning the running of the bulls:)

Those who are less than 18 years old are forbidden to run.

Crowding the fence is not allowed.

All doors along the runway must be closed.

No one can remain in the runway who is drunk or drugged or who in any other way represents a danger to the rest.

One cannot carry things into the runway.

Runners must be dressed correctly.

It is forbidden to call to the bulls or in any way attract their attention either in the runway or in the ring.

Taking photos from inside the runway or from the fences during the encierro is not allowed without permission from the authorities.

And now back to the point of this post:
PETA, and the people (?) who decided to institute the Running of the Nudes.
When I look at the men "Running the Bulls" the overwhelming percentage of them are there not to cast a longing eye at the bulls, but for a number of reasons to complicated to go into here. BUT..taken in total they all appear to be men who would thorougly enjoy the experience of watching a great number of women running in the nude. And may in fact run directly from the BUlls to the NUDES.

And now the POINT, if the tradition of the "Running of the Bulls" is broken,(from it's beginning in 1590) why should PETA bother with a running of the nudes?
And don't believe for a moment any of these randy young Spaniards, Eurosexuals, and others will have missed this connection. Running the Bulls goes away and the running of the nudes is over!
So.. As is most often the case PETA gets it bass-ackwards again. Thereby ensuring the continuance of a Fine, and Noble if somewhat foolhardy tradition well into the next millenia.

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