Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dick "The Turban" Durbin apologizes, mostly. While most of what Dick "The Turban" Durbin said in his "apology" was a straightforward "oops". He did leave himself an "out"

(Some may believe that my remarks crossed the line. To them I extend my heartfelt apology," Durbin said) The implication being if you're not offended or pained
then go ahead and take it the way he said it. Meaning (apparently) Gitmo is a gulag, and the Men and Women serving their country are no better than Pol Pot. Somehow, when that is factored into the "apology" it seems a little watered down.
Call me unimpressed but, I don't believe Dick.

Asked what the next step for Durbin would be, an aide to Frist told FOX News, "Well, when you say something that appears all over Al Jazeera, you have a lot of work to do."

In an interview Friday with WWTN Nashville radio host Steve Gill, Cheney said he was so angry he had to watch his language while discussing turban's comments, calling the outburst "one of the more egregious things I'd ever heard uttered on the floor of the United States Senate."
The vice president even went so far as to suggest that Durbin was unfit for his office, saying the Illinois Democrat's remarks were "so far over the top that I'm just appalled that anybody who serves in the United States Senate would even think those thoughts."


nofurgirl said...

Sen.Dick Durbin is an american, and has every right to say anything he wants to.
How dare you suggest his comments were wrong!
The current administration are nothing but warmongering hypocrites, looking for any excuse to suck the world dry of oil.
When all the oil is gone then where will you get it from?
You are just an evil, ignorant, mind numbed Robot of the Right Wing!
And we are not all "freaks" Wd just happen to like animals more than we like YOU!

garficher said...

Hey - nofur girl, WHen we run out of oil here we'll just have to go to another planet WITH oil and bring it back. Or more probably just go totaly nulear! Hey that sounds good to me , Totaly Nuclear- We could even put the plant next to on of the PETA offices so you pick up dogs and cats and instead of offing them and then dumping them in some stores dumpster, just take 'em to the nuke plant they could be radioactivized and blasted into space as an advert for humanity ! Your type of humanity that is, come to think of it you PETA FREAKS are the best argument yet for evolution. Although I have seen some reasonably intelligent behavior from some of the great apes.
ANd hey - another thing though, if we descended from apes and chips - why do we still have apes and chimps?

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