Thursday, June 16, 2005

House panel gets it Right

A House panel got it (part) right today. Cutting foreign aid to goofball dictators, and hateful American bashers is a good first step, toward weaning the world at large from the American teat.
When the foreign aid total is finally down to a level so any middlin' wealthy Capitalist Entrepenuer can afford it, it will likely be close to a reasonable level.

And to any countries who really want foreign aid, I would happily offer Sen. Dick Durbin.
Even willingly buying the one-way ticket myself, to any country who would take him.
If Dick Durbin feels so badly for the Gitmo terrorist detainees, why doesn't he do the typical Lefty empathy route. Instead of actually fixing a problem, try to empathize, to experience the totality of the pain these people feel.
Why doesn't Dick Durbin go to Gitmo and crawl in a cell himself !
Oh wait thats right, Dick is a member of the current Aristocracy of America. Dick is a Senator.
While in truth Dick Durbin is only a Neo-Communist/Socialist puke spewer.

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