Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Poor little Liberals, they don't want PBS or NPR changed. Th liberal slant from PBS and NPR is just what they want. Too bad they can't have it all their way. Perhaps if they don't get to keep the liberalista slant they'll just pick up their marbles and go home? No such luck.

The only position left for the Liberals is to stomp their feet and whine about having to include some sort of balanced reporting and coverage from PBS.

Perhaps coverage which doesn't make me hurl would be offered, that would be OK.
Ya' know I don't believe it's all the nature show offeringsd which offend most of us Conservatives.
I like to see different animals - endangered or otherwise. Which reminds me, I have an excellent recipe for Spotted Owl Soup -and it only requires six Spotted Owls !

Spotted owls -6
Margay Cat - 1
Onions- 2 c. chopped
Carrotts - 1c. thinly sliced
Cilantro - 1 c.- chopped
Habanero peppers - 1/2 c. - chopped[coarse]
Red potatoes [small] - 10-12
Cardomom - 1/4 tsp.
salt and thyme to taste
Dir. cut the heads off the Spotted owls. Sprinkle the heads around a Long Spring Animal Trap.
Lay the bodies on the leaves covering the trigger of the trap.
After you have caught the Cat, skin and butcher it, Make certain you don't ruin the pelt - it makes a really snazzy pair of gloves.
Toss the margay in the pot with all the veggies [organic if possible] the seasonings and enough water to cover it all.
Simmer for approx. three hours.
Serve with a Rose wine and Extra Sourdough baguette

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