Monday, June 27, 2005

Stupid-Reaming Kourt

Another sad day for lovers of freedom, common-sense, and the American Constitution.
First: Yes you can have but no you can't have the Ten Commandments, Yes, if it's part of some sort of theme park display. With perhaps something from the koran, a Totem Pole, a Star of David, and maybe a statue of Mickey Mouse. As long as the so-called gods of diversity are appeased.

Only One justice stood up to the process, Clarence Thomas suggested taking a new look at what constitutes Establishment Of a Religion.
Of the 5 who voted against the display in the Kentucky case- a pox on them all, jackalopes each and every one of them. They need to be impeached for:
a) being unable or unwilling to actually read the document they are sworn to preserve-The Constitution.
b) being more concerned with social engineering towards a socialist state than upholding the Constitution.

It would be nice if the jackalope section of the Kourt would retire tomorrow

1 comment:

kar-killer45 said...

you are pretty damned polite to those sons of bi---es
they don't deserve it
it would be perfect if someone took their house away from them.

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