Thursday, June 23, 2005

Whiners extraordinaire

from the APs Jim Abrams we get -
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  • Well the Lefty Whiners are at it again, Dick the "Turban" Durbin, prior to his so called apology, tells us if we don't like it so what.
    Howard Dean is critical of Republicans because we're mostly white Christian conservatives, and thats okay, but now that KARL ROVE dares to compare the Looney Left with Dr. Spock For Terrorists, - Rove should resign?
    Perhaps more than their silly economic and political views, I get tired of listening to the Looney Left whining about every issue which does'nt further their socialist Social Architecture for America plans.
    HEY Hillary (and you too Sen. Chucklehead Schumer) - just get over it.

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