Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Liberalism & Deja Vu

From a CNN article by Chris Gajilan
(article URL)

Déjà vu and Liberalism Explained?

Psychologist Alan Brown of Southern Methodist University points out in a study – a quote from the article”
"Déjà vu tends to peak around the late teens and early 20s and then tapers off," Brown says. He adds that it tends to happen two or three times a year among younger adults, decreasing to once a year in midlife and with older adults, perhaps as seldom as once every four or five years.
What else increases your odds? If you have a higher level of education or income. If you're liberal rather than conservative. If you travel. If you've had it once, you're likely to have it again. “
But the more interesting aspect of the article for me is the theory behind the reason for the occurrence of déjà vu. The link between epileptic seizures and déjà vu speaks volumes about the reasons why there is such an animal as a “Liberal”.
One of the theories postulated in the article is the malfunctioning of the nerve paths from the sensory organs to the brain. The theory states there may be an “irregular activity” occurring, such as perhaps voting for John Kerry. When that happens the rate at which the signals causing you to vote for John “the Lurch” Kerry are slower than a normal signal would travel through a conservatives head. When the signals are slowed down at one pathway and arrive at another pathway terminus faster, such as GW Bush winning the election, the typical Lefty Loony Liberal brain “lurches”. Thus causing déjà vu.
This occurs because the neurological event which caused the lurch throws one of the paths out of sync. Thereby describing the vast majority of Liberalists in this country. “Out of Sync” Could be the name for a John Kerry band.
But back to the theory, one of the pathways has a neurological event which slows that pathway down a bit. Just like the tax hike Billy Clinton (and Bush 41) gave us. It didn’t shoot the economy in the head immediately, only after the business sector caught up with the problem – confiscation of the disposable income of a large segment of the TAX PAYING public. (Note that not all Americans actually PAY taxes). But as the business sector wound down from its Reagan Heydays of increasing disposable income, along comes the new kid on the block GW, with an economy showing all the signs of being badly crippled.
Now back to the theory, one pathway is slower and one pathway is at normal speed. The normal speed path gives the brain the information and when the slow “liberal” path finally delivers the information the brain believes it’s already seen that information before. Which in the case of the tax hikes- it had. Every time a Democratic (or Republican) President got an itch for the latest and greatest toy (Social Program) to End Poverty, End Illiteracy, End Drug Use, or End Ugly Americans! A face lift for every American who can’t afford one, but really, really wants one.
Another theory though points toward “implicit memory interpretation.” A feeling of” inexplicable familiarity” when your taxes are raised again. Not because you recognize the feeling of paying more to the government, most of won’t see that. We pay ‘estimated taxes’ or have ‘withholding taxes’ taken out before we even see the paycheck. No, it’s far more insidious than simply being light in the wallet. It’s when you notice that even the panhandlers have nicer shoes than you do. Or the folks picking up commodities at the local food bank eat better than you do. That’s when even the most stalwart conservative can have niggling little thoughts about giving up the sixty hour week at work to go on welfare and rake in the subsidies!
In short, (not my strong suit) whether through a slower pathway or an implicit memory interpretation, such as would be the case when a liberal social program goes awry and they need a new interpretation why it was Reagan’s fault. The earmarks of the cause for Lefty Loony Liberalism is nigh!
To support the fight to End Liberalism, simply send more tax dollars to the Higher Education Facility of your choice.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Se Habla - Stay There ?

In the AP-SheHAM link is a good picture of Cindy Sheehan, face all scrunched up and eyes squeezed closed. Mimicing her world view no doubt. WHat I wonder might it take to get her to stay in Spain? A free IPOD? perhaps some nifty sunglasses?. And just where does the funding come from for the galavanting Priestess of Pessimism? wait a minute that can't be right. Shrillary is the Priestess of Pessimism. I'll have to ponder and come up with another moniker for Cindy. Perhaps the Priestess of Protest? It fits, but just doesn't have the ring of the other.
I'll work on it.
At any rate, I would like to find out where the money trail leads. As so often is the case - Follow the money, and then we can discover the motivation, unless she just happens to be crazy. Being crazy requires no motivation, just a willingness to make a fool of ones self in public. Or alternatively, an inability to recognize the act of being foolish in public.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Five To Go Please

Craig, Idaho; Frist, Tenn.; Hagel, Neb.; Murkowski, Alaska; Sununu, N.H.
These five Quasi-Republicans just need to go away. Preferably to where ever the next terrorist attack might occur.
Idiots and foolish one and all they are.

The Patriot Act is just a tool, albeit an important tool to be used wisely and with caution against Islamo-Fascist Terrorists or any other terrorist group in this country. Whether Eco-Terrorist or Econo Terrorists they all wage war against this country and need to be put away - IF they haven't physically hurt anyone. If they have actually caused ANY bodily harm to anyone They should be publicaly executed. I do not ascribe to a notion of humane execution. Execution, to be a deterrent must carry an essence of something indefinable which the person committing the crime would never choose for themselves.

For the case of an Islamo-fascist the idea of being drowned in pigs blood comes easily to mind.
For an Eco-terrorist being crushed by the felling of an Old-Growth redwood also brings a hint of irony to mind.

For an Econo-terrorist being sent to the island of Cuba or Haiti with Susan B Anthony one dollar coins Superglued to their forehead, scalp and genitals seems appropriate.

Whatever the crime, let the punmishment fit that crime.

And then, for the Five Frivolous Fools of the Frist Fiefdom, Every CONSERVATIVE in their respective districts need to make certain those particular jackasses are not returned to the beltway in the next election cycle.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Rumsfeld v. FAIR. FAIR?

The Lefty whiners are at it again. They plead their case before the SCOUS, they "feel very strongly"" about the injustice of the war in iraq, and also about the military position on gays in the military. They don't quite feel strongly enough about it though to give up the Federal Teat . Despite the Solomon Amendment which states they (the University) can bar recruiters if they want to from the campus, they need only be willing to give up the federal education welfare which they get.
But no..... they want to boot the recruiters and KEEP the money.
More Lefty Snivelers.
The link below goes to findlaw.com where the Appelate court decision can be found also.
Rumsfeld v. FAIR

As much as I disagree with Bob Jones U. They at least had the courage to stand for what they believe and didn't go snivelling about for Federal money. The bastions of higher learning these days are overwhelmingly Lefty, Loony, Liberal playgrounds where less and less hard science is taught, and greater emphasis is placed on "Social Conciousness" That road leads only to the U.S being relageted to a second place position in the world (or third) behind China and India, where hard science rules the day at college campuses.

On the bright side though, Paul D. Clement the attorney for the Solicitor Generals Office appeard to wipe the floor with E. Joshua Rosenkranz, the attorney for the whiners.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Iranian Glass

from the Iranian SuperFool Ahmadinejad:
"Let's give some land to the Zionists in Europe or in Germany or Austria, so they can have their government there," he said. "They faced injustice in Europe, so why do the repercussions fall on the Palestinians? Offer a piece of land from Europe, and we will back this decision and will not attack this government."

well just a great big DUH!
The nation of Israel kicked the palestinian (philistine)butt 2500 years ago and may need to do it again.

By inference and the obvious implication of Raghead Ahmadinejad is that as long as Israel stays where it belongs, Iran is willing to go ahead attack "this Gov't"
So be it. Iran has the intent to develop nukes, Israel has nukes on hand now. Whatever the arabs didn't learn from the 7 Day War or any other war they have waged against Israel, they can learn in a glass making factory. Namely, if you get sand hot enough, it turns to glass. Perhaps Iranian Glass is the only answer to the continued problems these loonatoid arabs keep trying to foist off on Israel and the rest of the world.

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