Sunday, December 18, 2005

Se Habla - Stay There ?

In the AP-SheHAM link is a good picture of Cindy Sheehan, face all scrunched up and eyes squeezed closed. Mimicing her world view no doubt. WHat I wonder might it take to get her to stay in Spain? A free IPOD? perhaps some nifty sunglasses?. And just where does the funding come from for the galavanting Priestess of Pessimism? wait a minute that can't be right. Shrillary is the Priestess of Pessimism. I'll have to ponder and come up with another moniker for Cindy. Perhaps the Priestess of Protest? It fits, but just doesn't have the ring of the other.
I'll work on it.
At any rate, I would like to find out where the money trail leads. As so often is the case - Follow the money, and then we can discover the motivation, unless she just happens to be crazy. Being crazy requires no motivation, just a willingness to make a fool of ones self in public. Or alternatively, an inability to recognize the act of being foolish in public.


corkey22 said...

she at least is willing to stand up for what she beleeves

garficher said...

And Kim Jong Il believes he is a god, which of them is crazier, Kimmy the godlet, or cindy who thinks the Lefty Loonies like her and care about her son?
the truth is they don't like her and they don't care about her son. the only thing that matteres to the Lefty loony Fringe is excoriating the Bushmeister, and anyone or anything else which smacks even faintly of being pro
AMERICAN . Its not cindy its not her son it's about trashing the US of A.

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