Friday, December 16, 2005

Five To Go Please

Craig, Idaho; Frist, Tenn.; Hagel, Neb.; Murkowski, Alaska; Sununu, N.H.
These five Quasi-Republicans just need to go away. Preferably to where ever the next terrorist attack might occur.
Idiots and foolish one and all they are.

The Patriot Act is just a tool, albeit an important tool to be used wisely and with caution against Islamo-Fascist Terrorists or any other terrorist group in this country. Whether Eco-Terrorist or Econo Terrorists they all wage war against this country and need to be put away - IF they haven't physically hurt anyone. If they have actually caused ANY bodily harm to anyone They should be publicaly executed. I do not ascribe to a notion of humane execution. Execution, to be a deterrent must carry an essence of something indefinable which the person committing the crime would never choose for themselves.

For the case of an Islamo-fascist the idea of being drowned in pigs blood comes easily to mind.
For an Eco-terrorist being crushed by the felling of an Old-Growth redwood also brings a hint of irony to mind.

For an Econo-terrorist being sent to the island of Cuba or Haiti with Susan B Anthony one dollar coins Superglued to their forehead, scalp and genitals seems appropriate.

Whatever the crime, let the punmishment fit that crime.

And then, for the Five Frivolous Fools of the Frist Fiefdom, Every CONSERVATIVE in their respective districts need to make certain those particular jackasses are not returned to the beltway in the next election cycle.


jicana said...

giving away our rights to keep our way of life is stupid

garficher said...

allowing our "way of life" to be taken away by islamo fascists and eco terrorists is even sillier and also more certain.

moonman334 said...

"rights" come with a price tag

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