Friday, April 07, 2006

French Rocket Science

It takes a physicist graduate (in France) apparently to understand the concept of Boulevards + (cars)X French drivers / students in roadway = not a picinic spot.
In an AP Story students wanted to commit mayhem on a driver who lost it in French traffic when the students decided to have a picnic in the middle of a boulevard in the middle of Paris.
Well just a great big DUH !

French drivers have never been noted for their courteous behavior, even in th best of times, say at 3:30 in the morning when the traffic is very light.

SO some poor French schmuck is stuck in the traffic when the children decide to play in the street and loses it driving through a crowd of them.

Perhaps it is the fault of the French Gov't. They forgot to tell the children not to play in the street?
Well maybe not, but the kids are worried about the job guarantees they thought they had - if they could find a job.

But perhaps life is just not fair? as stated in the
AP article
"When you work, you can lose your salary or even your job for striking, but what can happen to us?" asked Calbrix, a physics student at a branch of the University of Paris....
Perhaps the students should strike and disrupt even further for the right to strike and disrupt even more, when they do finally perhaps find a French Company desparate enough to hire them.
WHo says they should be in jeapordy of losing their wages and even risk losing their job just because they would like to strike and picket and have a picnic in the middle of a boulevard? Thats Downright UnFrenchman like!
Up the workers... no wait thats wrong. Up WITH the workers. yeah thats it!
Down with business ! (French Business that is)
Move those jobs to the Ukraine or Hungary or ... well, wherever.
Let the students be students ... forever!
Who cares? It's just France, it's not like it's anywhere really important. As say Denmark who gave us... whatever it is they gave the world.
But it had to be more than the French, who gave us the Statue of Liberty- without understanding what it was supposed to mean.

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