Sunday, September 25, 2005

New Age Meterology

Babs Streisand tells Diane Sawyer of ABC - NEW Emergency - Global Warming!
We are in an Emergency State of Global Warming !
Wow, now in between broadway engagements and planning her upcoming re-entry into the shrill singing job market with Andy Gibb, she must have stopped off at a University of Meteorolgy somewhere - perhaps Bangladesh or the Bahamas and picked up a Phd in macro-weatherology forecasting.
I can tell you now I will stay tumed for sure to find out whats going to happen next from the most reliable source on the planet Babs Strident.

Or perhaps I'll just take a nap.
And back to the Sad Sack chumpette Cindy Sheehan- raising the hue and cry, could be problems brewing for her, if she keeps up the cry against Shrillary.
Today she "admonished the members of Congress who voted for the war.
This after being rebuffed by Shrillary and every other Neo-Lib with their head only mostly cross threaded when Cindy rode into town in her SUV entourage.

let us simply hope Cindy doesn't have to go the Vince Foster route.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Shazam, I'm Shocked !!

palestinian Foreign Minister Nasser Al-Kidwa, isn't happy with Israel! Israel got out of th Gaza Strip, but the surly dogs are still in the West Bank!!!
Now the Weasel of palestine wants Israel to stop expanding and building settlements in the West Bank area. Well thats just plain silly I should think [from a palestinian point of view] If Israel builds and then gives it back to the Lebanese outcasts now called palestinians, isn't that a net gain for a group whose only real goal is to see Israel move in its entirety to New York, where they can all be bombed en masse?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hillary Clinton's Mouthpiece

Bill Clinton on ABC's "This Week" relates how inappropriate the attack on Iraq was. This, from the guy who bombed an aspirin factory. And who, back in Feb. '98 called Saddams Iraq one of the "predators of the 21st century."
Seems like an attempt at post-pre-positioning, Billy doesn't have a way-back timemachine, so all he can do now, is to change his mind, about what he said back then.
If that seems confusing, it is.
Any attempt by Shrillary to combat her husbands poor performance, even when he is the one doing the lying, will be held to scrutiny. The Old Media won't do it, but the New Media will.

And Lo and Behold, Billy is making his own contribution to the katrina disaster - by granting free admission to the Clinton Library and Massage parlour in Little Rock, Arkansas. So... when you see one of the unfortunate souls whose home, job, and community were scrubbed off the face of Louisiana, and ask him what he's going to do next.. He may just answer "Whoooooeee Bubba, I'm goin' to Arkeesaw to see the Preseydenchul libary and massage parlour."

Lord knows they can all use a rubdown.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Look to Israels past, quickly

Regarding the article:

By Yossi Klein Halevi
@ Jewish World Review
with the following URL:

The common thread throughout this article is the position of the Orthodox Jewish viewpoint toward the Messiah.
Mistakenly, the author surmises only religious jews are disappointed in the outcome of the Gaza withdrawal.
I would submit for consideration the idea of the horrible disappointment of the Original Messianists, Christians, who have not only Ariel Sharon to blame, but also (even more) a line of U.S. Presidents to blame for a misguided course of appeasment to Islamic terrorists and murderers.
The Roadmap to Peace is nothing less than a Roadmap to Oblivion for Israel. For those secular zionists who see this appeasement as a first step to peace, look to your past. When Israel turns its face as a people from G_d, He has put up with it, to a point and then turned His face from you.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Heather has 2 Mommies and a Daddy

In a
  • News Telegraph
  • report it is now being reported British Scientists are about to create an new embryo from the embtyo of a man and woman by inserting the pronuclei of that embryo into the nonfertile egg of another woman.
    While some say its nothing more than changing the battery in a radio, (the power source of an embryo being the mitochondria)It still requires (or should require) wrestling with the implication of the establishment of the ability to clone a human in the future to whatever specifications are desired.
    To be honest I personally don't become overly worried when discussing the desires of two parents. The greater and more worrisome implication will be the ability of other entities, 'Big Brother", NeoFacsists, ChiComs, or WalMart to clone off whatever humanotype needed for a specific job, task, organ bank, or secret shopper program.

    There is the concept of the "slippery slope" to consider. If a well intentioned researcher can figure out how to reduce the risk of mitochondrial disease by this method can the "evil doers" be far behind in finding a nefarious purpose for it?

    Spammers GO HOME !!!

    While it was my desire to leave the blog open to unfettered commenting, spammers have been an increasing problem. Hence now the need to integrate word verification prior to posting a comment. It takes 10 or 15 seconds, but it will keep the dreaded spammers at bay.

    Friday, September 09, 2005

    Embarrassed ???

    I am often amazed recently at the lack of control the extreme Lefty Loonies exhibit.
    Howard "aaaargggghhh" Dean Senators Reid, Clinton and the rest of their ilk, appear to have no concept of shame in bad behavior.
    It seemed to me more appropriate to have at least waited until the flood waters were not continuing to flow into New Orleans before the Lefty loonies began making purely political attacks against the Bushies.
    Or even ( heaven forbid) do something constructive.
    Perhaps best though that they simply stay out of the way.
    But none the less, shame, shame, shame.

    leave the politics for the days ahead when there is time for it.

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