Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hillary Clinton's Mouthpiece

Bill Clinton on ABC's "This Week" relates how inappropriate the attack on Iraq was. This, from the guy who bombed an aspirin factory. And who, back in Feb. '98 called Saddams Iraq one of the "predators of the 21st century."
Seems like an attempt at post-pre-positioning, Billy doesn't have a way-back timemachine, so all he can do now, is to change his mind, about what he said back then.
If that seems confusing, it is.
Any attempt by Shrillary to combat her husbands poor performance, even when he is the one doing the lying, will be held to scrutiny. The Old Media won't do it, but the New Media will.

And Lo and Behold, Billy is making his own contribution to the katrina disaster - by granting free admission to the Clinton Library and Massage parlour in Little Rock, Arkansas. So... when you see one of the unfortunate souls whose home, job, and community were scrubbed off the face of Louisiana, and ask him what he's going to do next.. He may just answer "Whoooooeee Bubba, I'm goin' to Arkeesaw to see the Preseydenchul libary and massage parlour."

Lord knows they can all use a rubdown.

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