Sunday, September 25, 2005

New Age Meterology

Babs Streisand tells Diane Sawyer of ABC - NEW Emergency - Global Warming!
We are in an Emergency State of Global Warming !
Wow, now in between broadway engagements and planning her upcoming re-entry into the shrill singing job market with Andy Gibb, she must have stopped off at a University of Meteorolgy somewhere - perhaps Bangladesh or the Bahamas and picked up a Phd in macro-weatherology forecasting.
I can tell you now I will stay tumed for sure to find out whats going to happen next from the most reliable source on the planet Babs Strident.

Or perhaps I'll just take a nap.
And back to the Sad Sack chumpette Cindy Sheehan- raising the hue and cry, could be problems brewing for her, if she keeps up the cry against Shrillary.
Today she "admonished the members of Congress who voted for the war.
This after being rebuffed by Shrillary and every other Neo-Lib with their head only mostly cross threaded when Cindy rode into town in her SUV entourage.

let us simply hope Cindy doesn't have to go the Vince Foster route.

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