Saturday, October 01, 2005

Pelosi & Eurocrats

The Eurocrat Whiners are still at it, they still want to control the internet. They are tired of the US having total control of the administration of the internet domain.
Well, gee whiz, maybe they should have conceived of the idea and then built it for themselves!
We ( the US) were so lucky as to have AlGore around to invent the www and then personally build the structure from HeathKits!
Isn't that just what we need ? Eurocrat Socialists to run and tax the www ?
And that Pelosi palooka - crooked as a dogs hind leg she is.
Running two PAC's simultaneously, accepting donmations to both (even on the same day) is precisely the issue Tom DeLay is fighting, THE DIFFERENCE - Pelosi is offered the chance to take a fine and go about her business - from the FEC.
Something here smells wrong to me.

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