Saturday, October 29, 2005

'Dem Goofy People

  • Dems Criticize GOP Over Energy Prices - AP

  • The lefties are at it again! Standing back and hollerin' about the high price of oil, which transalates to higher gas, diesel, heating oil , and just about everything else except air. When if we look at the stance adopted by every Democrat in the past thirty years - NO MORE REFINERIES, no refinery here, save the whales don't drill where the oil is!. yada yada yada.
    The problem hee appears to be that no one checked the oil. But that is really a very logical result. The problem is that while the oil is located in Texas, Alaska, and California (off the coast), all of the dipsticks are in Washington D.C.

    But it is really tiring to hear the Lefty Loonies bemoan the result of their failed energy policies by blaming the result of natural disasters like Katrina/Rita on Poor George. It is even more distressing to note the Tighty Righties haven't fixed it yet.
    They've had the oppurtunity, but the only fix they've found so far is to try and spend so much money we can just burn dollar bills instead, with inflation at about a gazillion percent when the spending cycle finally comes home to roost and we have to start paying off the debt being amassed.
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    pollutun kills children, plants and animmuls

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    It also seems to have shot your ability to spell squarely in the head.
    Don't you have a spell check on that machine?

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    so, i'm still got opinyuns about how big a fool you are

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