Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sardane on a Hagel ?

Hagel, Sardanes, Chaffee and crew need to go back to school before they tangle with Condi again.
They each tried to score points on Condi, they each took a paddling - if nota spanking.
None of them were able to touch her with their sarcasm, pointed remarks, or their just plain old stupid questions/statements.
And then to top it off and make it even sillier, Sardanes suggested (obliquely) that Condi should come back more often to "report' to the Sen For. Rel. Committee!!!- What a chucklehead.

With the rumour mill running overtime today about Dick Cheney resigning and Condi taking the Veep slot, Shrillary must be hiding under the covers tonight.
The best possibility for sweeping Shrillary under the rug in '08 will be a Condi ticket, as a matter of fact, if I were a betting man, I would wager , if Condi runs, Shrillary will keep her promise to the good people of New York and NOT run in '08 for fear of Condi opening up a can of whoopass on her.

Go Condi, Go Condi, Go Condi....


Anonymous said...

Hillary will eat condi for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

one of the Sisters will never be elected, and if she was, somewhitesheet would shoot her

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