Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ted Kennedy will fold

Teddy came out of closet for John " i'm a bay killer" Kerry today. But as soon as the race for '08 begins to heat up, Teddy will fold like a wet kleenex.
If only as a survival move, Vince Foster (if not at room temperature) could atest to the inadvisability of touching th Third Rail of the Demoncratic party - "The Clintons"
And it makes me wonder why. What is it the Clinton's have going for them?
Billy was a middlin' foreign policy statesman - except for giving away our national security to the ChiComs and North Koreans, and Sauidi Arabia... Ok maybe he wasn't that good at foreign policy. But he did sign onto a tax cut, and welfare reform... when he was forced to by public pressure and a GOP congress.

Ok, Ok, Ok, he was in most respects a tacky guy in nice suits, who couldn't and probably can't keep it zipped. And his wife appears to like Madonna more than she does Billy, but so do a lot of other guys. He and Shrillary are hicks from Arkansas, where's the leverage?
Which closet skeletons does he have tucked away?

At any rate as soon as Shrillary and Billy want Teddy back in their Demoncratic Pocket, he will a I said, fold like a wet kleenex. The Kennedy's have history, Jack and Robert were Democrats who were capable of taking huge swaths of GOP'ers into the fold.
They were men who were closer to being Republicans than the Republicans we have now.
And that is sad and disappointing. Harriet Meirs is disappointing, Chucklehead Dubya is disappointing.
I can only hope and pray I suppose for a Condi Rice ticket in '08.
Condi and Alan Keyes as Veep - what a powerhouse for conservatism that would be !!!!


Anonymous said...

Sen. Kennedy will remain a man of his convictions.
Pres. Clinton has my highest respect, he stood the test. Having made a mistake he took the worst mud the neocons could sling, and kept his head high.

garficher said...

The only conviction I can imagine Teddy dodging was the vehicular manslaughter conviction re: Mary Jo Kopekne.
And Billy?,,, no I don't even want to start with that. He was a farce as a Pres. And should have been charged with treason and held accountable for his actions as such.

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