Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ding Dong the Meirs is gone

Harriet Meirs is no witch, but...
Shes no choice for the Supreme Court either.
Bully I say, a bully good day for the Conservative wing of the GOP.
Perhaps now we can get back down to business. A SCJ who will ot be the activist Ms. Meirs meager writings, and questionaires pointed to.
Give us a Thomas, a J. Rogers-Brown, anyone who is just what they should be.. A CONSERVATIVE.
We won the election, and now its our turn to do it right. Not top be another activist force from the bench.
enough already.
The Constitution is all we need. Not some amorphic rendition of some highbrows feelings about the inequalities of a by gone age.
What did the framers of the C. intend?
What Would TJ Do? (Thomas Jefferson for those of you in Rio Linda, and Santa Cruz)
Harry Reid and Chucky Schumer are really ticked off now.
Lo th best laid plans of mice, no there were no men in the bunch of them.
For my money Shrillary is twice the man Harry will ever be!

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Anonymous said...

shes a lady nice - why can not you amreicans simply let her try?

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