Friday, October 07, 2005

To be a Democrat.....

As reported in the Washbag Post
  • Report Warns Democrats Not to Tilt Too Far Left

  • The best way to be an elected Democratic official, is to be something else, anything else, except a Democrat.
    Democrats being rightly perceived as Leftist, Elitist, Liberalistas ( a little california lingo there)
    But if a demoncrat doesn't want to tell the voters he's a liberalista and is then voted in on the strength of being a "moderate", when that person takes a hard left and offers legislation to make Mao Zhe Dungs birthday a national hollyday, hasn't he or she let the cat out of the bag?
    And besides, whats a liberalista doing with a cat in the bag in the first place. Seems unsportsmanlike to me.
    Perhaps that same liberalista is carrying a personal protection device also, a closet NRA member.
    So, perhaps they aren't even a real liberal...
    It could be they only pretend to be a liberal, so they can have friends like Boy George, and Babs Streisand.
    I'm not certain if I like where this post is going.
    It should stop right here


    Anonymous said...

    you are a abject idiot

    Anonymous said...

    being a democrat is about being adjustable to current reality. something dubya can't seem to get.

    Anonymous said...

    does the word jackass mean anything to you?

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