Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Condi Eyes

What a dweeb, whoever the photog was or the responsible party whomever they might be. What a sleazy dweeb. I understand having fun with pics of people we enjoy denigrating, Shrillary would be a good choice. Personally I have a picture of both Billy Clinton and John Kerry dealed onto the inside surface of my toilet bowl. Makes me happy just to 'stand and deliver'. But th tyupe of malicious use of a photo such as in the USA website of Condi with demon eyes is:
a] juvenile in its qualtiy
b] ridiculously juvenile in quality
c] blatantly showing the bias of the yellow rag journalism standards at USA today

Tacky... very, very tacky.


Anonymous said...

it was funny

creole337 said...

shes an idiot, so are you. but your funny

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