Sunday, October 02, 2005

Ariel Sharon is an Idiot

"Sharon and Abbas to hold summit"
Big Deal, the only purpose for a summit from the palestinians (Jordanian refugees)point of view must be, to give the appearance of being willing to let Israel "live in peace"
When even weeks ago the day after Israel abandoned a portion of the Promised land, the palestinians (Jordanian refugees) response was to demand Israel abdicate their territory in the West Bank.
Seems as if Sharon simply doesn't get it OR the pressure from the U.S. is so strong he can't find a better response.
As much as I hate to say it, Sharon or whoever is left standing in the current battle for control needs to tell 'W" and Connie Rice to take a flying leap.
And for their part the Israelis need to remember - Their God is a jealous God


Anonymous said...

You are a pompous fool of an amerikan. first you get part of it right and then devolve into a christian theology statement which is blatantly anti-Muslim.

garficher said...

Anti-muslim ?? Of course I am. I believe in a RISEN God, not one who died and became worm dung. But I have hope for even you, that you may some day find the ONE true God of Heaven and earth, Jesus, and He will forgive your sins and foolishness.

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