Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Alito is THE MAN

Judge Alito appears to b a sane and conservative fellow. If no skeletons are found in his closets - likely a shoo in for confirmation. Even the Fourteen Thugs appear to be breaking up over the nomination.
The link shows hios opinions at FindLaw dot com
  • FindLaw-Alito

  • With only the constituion to defend, perhaps someone such as Alito is the only rational choice. Someone without an apparent agenda of being a Jucicial Legislationist.
    Jucicial Legislation will be found at some point to be the downfall of a nation - this Nation.
    The rules in the constitution work. Tinkering with the rules only take us further from the original intent of the separation between the various branches of gov't.
    Blurring the lines between the High Court and the Legislature is an easy way to lose sight of the goal - balance

    re: The Fourteen Thugs or Gang of Fourteen, with their eminent demise over the Nomination of Alito, Nothing could please me more. The cowardice of the seven Repubs in the Gang of Thuggery is a reason to work hard against their re-election.
    Th citizens of this country deserve better - and I expected more from McCain. As a vet he should have understood the need to confront the issues rather than just running and endplay to avoid the fight.


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