Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Liberals (not democrats?)

The Lefty Loonies and Liberalistas who are so glib about the process of discussion relating to troop withdrawal from Iraq nearly always state. "It's the Democratic Right to free Speech" as it is indeed.
The point they miss is fundamental to the problem though of how our enemies percieve the process.
Case in point the Governor of Tokyo (from Insight on the News) states that in any war with China we the U.S. will lose not merely because we can be overun by gazillions of chinese kamikazes. But also because as soon as we lose 2000 troops we would be forced to withdraw. Does that sound familiar?
So... then the question becomes if we as a Democratic society have the right (and the obligation) to discuss what we feel is important to the nation as a whole, how can we do it so as to not leave the impression overseas that we are a nation which will 'cut and run"?
It would appear that our Liberal Minority should exercize more caution when trying to grab a few headlines, or a fifteen second sound bite on th evening news. And perhaps someone should muzzle the FORMER Prez. Clinton. Maybe Shrillary could have him fitted with a muzzle while he's being neutered for her run at the Presidency.


jabbathebutt said...

2000 is too many to lose, keep out troops home. if you want my son to be there why don't you go too?

blackjack said...

you are an idiot

blackjack said...

not only an idiot you're a dumbshit too

azwype said...

it would be better if Hillary were neutered, i think shes a he.

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