Sunday, December 11, 2005

Rumsfeld v. FAIR. FAIR?

The Lefty whiners are at it again. They plead their case before the SCOUS, they "feel very strongly"" about the injustice of the war in iraq, and also about the military position on gays in the military. They don't quite feel strongly enough about it though to give up the Federal Teat . Despite the Solomon Amendment which states they (the University) can bar recruiters if they want to from the campus, they need only be willing to give up the federal education welfare which they get.
But no..... they want to boot the recruiters and KEEP the money.
More Lefty Snivelers.
The link below goes to where the Appelate court decision can be found also.
Rumsfeld v. FAIR

As much as I disagree with Bob Jones U. They at least had the courage to stand for what they believe and didn't go snivelling about for Federal money. The bastions of higher learning these days are overwhelmingly Lefty, Loony, Liberal playgrounds where less and less hard science is taught, and greater emphasis is placed on "Social Conciousness" That road leads only to the U.S being relageted to a second place position in the world (or third) behind China and India, where hard science rules the day at college campuses.

On the bright side though, Paul D. Clement the attorney for the Solicitor Generals Office appeard to wipe the floor with E. Joshua Rosenkranz, the attorney for the whiners.


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