Tuesday, November 14, 2006


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Arellano said she should not have to choose between leaving her son or taking away his rightful opportunities as an American. But conservative columnists and anti-illegal immigration activists say Arellano put herself and her son in this difficult spot by repeatedly breaking the law.

Arellano illegally crossed into the United States in 1997 and was quickly sent back. She returned within days, living for three years in Oregon before moving to Chicago in 2000. Her current troubles began when she was arrested at O'Hare International Airport, where she worked as a cleaning woman. Convicted of working under a false Social Security number, she served three years probation before being ordered to appear at the immigration office in Chicago.

Fox's spokesman Ruben Aguilar acknowledges that Arellano broke U.S. law, but "we think there exist certain elements of a humanitarian nature that should be taken into account to avoid splitting up the family."

LCRW says
Best answer: Strip the son of his Illegal American citizenship, then deport both the mother and the son.

Illegal Citizenship?

Yes, it was conferred on him under unlawful entry into the US. An accident of birth should not be an automatic confirmation of citizenship to an unlawful immigrant.

DEPORTATION not amnesty

Pol's who don't get the message, don't get the vote

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