Sunday, January 22, 2006

Redwoods Falling, Spotted Owl Soup

As is the case so often, the eviro-fascists have created an undesired result. Their concept was to stop the logging of anything with branches and or needles. Well it worked but.... now in the tiny town of Annapolis California, the result is to have those same forest plots sold to be cleared for the production of pinot noir grapes. Precisely because the trees are so difficult to get the permits to log!
Well guess what, if you own a hundred to a thousand acres of forest and you have to pay taxes on it, you're going to find a way to make it support itself.
Whether it's going to be logging as was the case historically or if it's to clear it off and put in grapes or even to just sell the land to developers looking for a place to grow the fragile pinot noir grape, the land now has no trees !
I wonder, can a spotted owl live in a grape vine?
And might that same Spotted Owl Soup be nicely balanced by a well aged Kendall Jackson Pinot Noir?


norccafreak22 said...

It's becoming pointless to own real estate in the foothills of CA. Every miserable little "district" puts restrictions on the use of MY property. NO you can't have a pond there, NO you can't have a chicken coop over there, NO you can't.....

sf_rad339 said...

may your eyees be scratched out by one of those poor owls who have never harmed you or anyone else!

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