Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ted Kennedy, The Man, the Frustration

Who is Teddy Kennedy?
90 Proof is a man destined to go down in DumbaKratic History as the single most frustrated induvidual ever born.
Primarily because he has never and cannot ever run for President of the US. First after Bobby was shot he promised Rose he would never run, and second he's a coward and afraid to run for fear of being assasinated like his brothers. Second, he has the Chappaquidic noose around his neck. Hard to run for an office such as POTUS when you have an (unpunished) vehicular manslaughter incident in the past. An ''accident'' which shows the cowardly nature of the beast. And perhaps beast is an apt description of 'Ole 90 Proof.. By all reports a confirmed and unrepentant womanizer who makes even Bill Clinton look like a novice, ahhhh but in another thirty years or so, Billy will have caught up with 'Ole 90 Proof and perhaps even surpass his errant exploits.

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