Sunday, October 01, 2006

Israel, and Lebanon / Iran - More War?

This below comes from a source I trust implicitly who happens to have his feet on the ground in Israel, and who has lived there now for about seven years.
He is not a huge fan of W and the political process for "The Roadmap" which W continues to press.

Neither am I, in that respect a fan of the current administration.


The political situation in Israel has been tense to say the least. The president is under investigation for improper conduct in office with two women. But then so was the newly appointed head of the Supreme Court. The head of the IDF that was appointed by Omert, was found to have been given two hours notice that the Hezbollah was going to start the war. Instead of spending the time preparing the army, he spent the two hours shifting funds with his stockbroker. The Prime Minister who is over this left-wing nightmare, is under investigation for accepting a $400,000 bribe. These are the guys that held the reigns on the IDF while they shelled Israel for weeks, then surrendered to a UN treaty that is an unconditional defeat for Israel .

To say the people here are angry is an understatement. The UN has announced that they will NOT try to disarm the Hezbollah. In fact the Hezbollah are stripping their bunkers and moving the weapons into Palestinian refugee camps, the ones the UN runs. Syria has insisted that the UN forces stay off of its border and the UN did not raise a peep of protest. Now Syria can now re-arm the Hezbollah at will. The UN even announced that the UN troops do not have the right to use weapons if they confront the Hezbollah, who are now claiming a victory.

The bulk of the "International Force" that will be on the border of Israel is made up of countries that officially refuse to recognize Israel 's right to exist. So in the end, the only thing the treaty, spearheaded by the US and France has done, is to move in 10,000 troops to reinforce the Iranian proxy army.

Germany is doing some real soul searching with their UN soldiers being on the other side of a battle with the Jews once again. They are talking about only sending non combat personnel to keep from having to be in a position of killing Jews once again. Everyone here thinks this is not a cease fire, but a time for the Hezbollah to re-arm and re-group. Then the war will start again, only worse. Iran started this war, and got its wish—the time to finish its nuclear program. Iran has not just built a reactor for power; it has built over twenty facilities for the mass production of nuclear weapons.

Because the Hezbollah is officially a part of the Lebanese Government, the act of the Hezbollah was an official act of war by Lebanon against Israel . Israel hit their infrastructure to try and press home the point that their thin attempt at deniability has a steep cost. But unfortunately America is going to pay to repair the damages to Lebanon so that they can get off scot-free. So once again our tax dollars are used to protect the aggressor, but I hear nothing about helping Israel rebuild their shattered cities that have been shelled for months.

There are many calls of ‘no confidence’ in this government, but I suspect that the ones in charge will not go out quietly. They have already replaced the supreme court head with another political appointment instead of using more qualified personnel causing many calls of cronyism

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