Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pelosi & Reid anti-muslim bigots?

At a BeltWay eatery Reid and Pelosi were REPORTEDLY overheard slamming the Prophet Muhamud as a Fourth Century thug. The conversation reportedly took place over dessert while considering a strategy to derail the upswing in the Presidents current poll ratings.

The reported comments included Pelosi as stating she didn't understand how Muhammud was able to keep so many women in the fold, with the obvious biological inadequcies of most middle eastern men, and their lack of ability in the boudoir.

Reid reportedly countered with a derogatory comment about the likelihood of Muhammud being willing to eat pork if he was hungry enough. ANd then went on to describe most middle eastern women as Hogs, and how did a Muslim conviince himeself to consort with them in relation to the proscription against pork?

The plot thickened at that point but was lost when the Duo left the restaurant, (without leaving a tip)

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