Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pelosi, Reid in Ivory Coast ?

It looks like nancy and harry must have gone to the Ivory Coast.
Nancy & Harry since a massive toxic waste dump was found and then the Government quit!

Why does that not surprise me?
The only difference being instead of cut and run, the Ivory Coast folks dump and run.
They must have been taking lessons from the Kool-Aid Kids - Kerry, Klinton, Moutha, and Lamont and the rest of the mouse powered crew. The DumbaKrat Party Faithful.

Faithful to the end, reason and logic mean nothing to that group, as long as it looks like a route back to POWER the whole crew is willing to sell this entire country down the toilet.

Pelosi, Kerry, Klinton, Moutha, Reid, Schumer, what a bunch of drizzlers.
round 'em up and give 'em free ride to a CIA sponsored Club Kyrzikstan vacation hide-away.
THIS country would be much better served.


Anonymous said...

dissenting views offend you?

Anonymous said...

DumbaKrat? what a maroon! She will be the next speaker of the House jerk!

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