Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pelosi, Kerry, Murtha - FemmaKrats & Socialists

The Leftoidal FemmaKrats, DumbaKrats and RINOsaurs can't even see past the next election cycle. Being able to look past the present problems with Hummas, Hersbullies, Syria, and Iran is the only guide to how to deal with a world thats going down the drain fast.

We as a nation appear to have had our goals questioned, (by the FemmaKrats, DumbaKrats, RINOs) more than the methodolgy of how to combat the issues we face.

The current skirmishes to tear apart the NSA surveilance, non-profiling method of finding IslamBoFascists... ad nauseum in a bid to reagain Fiscal Power over the largest economy on the planet (which is Nationaly Suicidal) are just that, skirmishes not the battle.

The laws against treason should be enforced - harshly and quickly. Guilty plea or judgement should equal a firing squad at sunrise the next morning.

Billy C. should probably go to the head of the line for signing off on the sale of guidance systems to the ChiComs for their missile systems

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Anonymous said...

you are stoooooooooooopid

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