Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pet protection bill ???

Pet protection bill???

Hey instead how about a 'Get a Life Bill'
I thought that people choosing the family pet over themselves was called thinning the herd.
And for the life of me I just can't imagine myself being willing to pour Federal Tax Dollars down a rathole [pun intended]
So the best bet as I see it is for the dimwits coming up with this goofball crapola is to stop pandering to the PETA freaks and Grandmas who won't leave the house without Fluffy. and get on with the real job -- SECURE THE BORDERS


Anonymous said...

animals being sold, & stolen to be cut up while life, chemicals pored into them...get a life bill? how abot get a CAUSE bill, loser

boaz said...


you are so simple.

you are like a box of chocolates.
you open your mouth and ya never know what kind of drivel is going to leak out

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