Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Close the Border !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can our Republican party continue to ignore both the issue of unfettered access to the Country by Illegal Aliens, and to the issue of the disaffected Conservative base who demand a closed border.
The issue of open borders is more than just mildly important. It is imperative to the premise of security.

Without a closed border, the concept of National Security is meaningless.
Can we protect against OBL and his gang of moozlum thugs while allowing access to an uncontrolled border?

I think not. The President has done an admirable job of disallowing more terrorist attacks on American soil so far. Apparently.
But for how long?
And at what cost to the economy of the state of California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and the rest of the states with sizeable Illegal Invaionsist populations?
I am more than slightly miffed at the idea of not being able to close the border.
I will not vote for ANYONE if they cannot assure me of their intent to close the border. I'd sooner vote for a yellow dog or a Whig than a RINOsaur or RepubliKrat who won't take the issue seriously.

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