Sunday, October 15, 2006

Kerry, Korea, Kerry, Korea, Kerry, Korea

Dufus Kerry
"Kerry said the Bush administration "has lost credibility in the world. And that's why Iran is emboldened, and that's why North Korea is emboldened."

No you moonbat freak !!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's the FarLeftoidal Theory of Appeasment you Toilet Brained Moron!!
WHen Senators and Representatives stand up and tell OUR ENEMIES they are tried of a war we can't win. THE ENEMY listens.
John Kerry is a drooling dolt of a DumbaKratic Defeatist. Won't Theresa please have him committed before he makes a complete fool of himself in public again?

Surely all those millions must be good for something? If not maybe she could just let John F'n Kerry take a ride over the Chappaquidic bridge with Good "Ole 90 Proof.
With of course the hope for 90 Proof to no longer be the swimmer he used to be.

But I digress, John F'n Kerry, what an inate embarrasment to this country.The United States should get a handicap at the next Olympics for having such a buffoon as a Legal Resident. The thought being, perhaps we can just foist him off on the French, He already has a second citizenship which is French doesn't he? Or are we sure it is legal for an elected official to have dual citizenship? Seems wrong to me. Can he be held legaly liable for any crimes or is he covered by diplomatic immunity?

Can't he just go there and then forget to come home? Please.
I feel like Henny Youngman.. Take my CONgress (the opposite of PROgress)Critter. PLEASE?

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