Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Invasionistas GO HOME

Its been quite a while, but...
Th Illegal Invasionistas, as if it might ever be legal to invade the USofA - well actually if the Senate version of the amnesty bill goes through- it will be legal to invade.
At any rate, the II [Illegal Invasio...] need to be sent home pronto. not on a slow train, but perhaps on a new bullet train.
That will be a secondary measure to be taken though.
The real need of cours is to stem the tide at the border. Easy enough to do, Anyone seen crossing at other than a controlled crossing point, can be shot - once, through the head. Not moved and buried, just left where they fall.
The body would be a much less subtle reminder and warning than any sign in any number of languages. And subtlety is no longer an option.

It sounds a little rough around the edges, but it does have going for it the fact that it would work, at minimal cost for the Gov't of the US.

And lets face it, why should we [the US] support the non-action of the Mexican Kleptocracy?
If we can't get better results and cooperation from the Mex's then perhaps we should annex the area from the border to say a hundred miles in to Mexico and just plant a few million land mines?


georgia_john said...

I day drop em where they stand and leave em there. it'll be an easy fix for an otherwise dificult problem

georgia_john said...


BWE said...

I'm guessing you aren't someone who actually has to get things done.

garficher said...

bwe says:I'm guessing you aren't someone who actually has to get things done.

nope, actually quite a bit gets done

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